3+ Best Long Sword Builds in Monster Hunter Now (Must Know)

Want to know the best Long Sword builds for Monster Hunter Now? Read the article here.

Best Build Armor for Long Sword Players (Before Anjanath)

The Long Sword is a flashy weapon that has a counter move when sheathed. It deals significant damage from a distance, without requiring too much commitment. Its special attack is also strong.

monster hunter now long sword build early game
ArmorSkill and Grade
Kulu Ya-Ku HelmetG2 Lock On 1, G4 Critical Eye 1
Leather MailG2 Attack Boost, G4 Fire Resistance
Great Girros VambracesG2 Sneak Attack1 , G6 Earplugs 1
Leather CoilG2 Health Boost 1, G4 Water Resistance
Kulu Ya-Ku GreavesG2 Critical Eye 1, G6 Critical Eye 2

Best Long Sword Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

Weapon ChoiceMonsterDescription
First Dance Kulu YakuThe most powerful Long Sword that has a high raw stat and increased affinity. A reliable option for advancing.
Wyvern Blade RathianThis is a good choice if you don’t want to use a Kulu weapon. It’s slightly less powerful, but not by much.
Pulsar Shotel Tobi-KadachiThis is the only Long Sword that has the Thunder element. It is not very impressive, but it can be useful against monsters that are weak to Thunder.
Jyura Shotel JyuratodusThis is the Water Long Sword, which has impressive stats and is suitable for fighting monsters that are vulnerable to Water.
Glacial Shotel LegianaThis is the only Long Sword that has the Ice element. It has great stats and is mainly used for fighting Diablos, a monster that is weak to Ice.
Wyvern Blade RathalosThe superior Fire Long Sword with more impressive stats than Amanath. A recommended choice for fire matchups without any compelling reason to opt for another weapon.

Best Build Armor for Long Sword Players (Mid Game)

monster hunter now long sword build mid game

Best Build Armor for Long Sword Players (End Game)

monster hunter now great sword build end game

You can find other build guides here:

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