7+ Bing Image Creator AI prompts: Disney Pixar movie posters

Bing Image Creator can create images for a variety of concepts, such as animals, objects, people, places, and more.

Users can also specify the style, color, shape, and other details of the images they want to create.

What are examples of prompts for creating a Disney 3D Pixar movie poster using Bing Image Creator? Read this article.

Make sure you have read the article How to make Disney AI Poster prompts with Bing Image Creator first.

Here are some examples of Disney Pixar poster prompts using Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator AI.

1. Cat

How to make a cat-themed Disney AI poster with Bing Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator is a tool from Microsoft Bing that allows you to create AI images from text.

You can use this template to create your own Disney Pixar posters with a cat theme. Here are some examples to assist you.

Example prompt template:

Disney pixar poster, “Description” 3d animation

Use this description:

Disney pixar poster, Siamese cats are known for their striking blue almond-shaped eyes, short coat with color points, and vocal personalities, 3d animation

It will look like this:

bing image creator disney pixar movie ai prompts examples about cat pet.
bing image creator disney pixar ai keywords about pet and human


Disney pixar poster movie said ‘Your Name Cat’, a man wearing black hoodie is gazing at a white cat with calm face. 3D animation

Here are various descriptions of cat breeds that you can use as prompts for the AI Bing Image Creator:

Additional Keywords Cat TypeDescription
Disney pixar poster, 3d animation1. SiameseSiamese cats are known for their striking blue almond-shaped eyes, short coat with color points, and vocal personalities.
2. Maine CoonMaine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, known for their tufted ears, luxurious fur, and friendly demeanor.
3. PersianPersian cats are known for their long, luxurious fur, flat faces, and calm, gentle temperament.
4. BengalBengal cats have a distinctive leopard-like appearance, with sleek, spotted coats and a playful, active nature.
5. RagdollRagdolls are large, affectionate cats known for their tendency to go limp when picked up, with striking blue eyes and semi-long fur.
6. Scottish FoldScottish Folds are recognized by their unique folded ears, and they have a sweet, playful disposition.
7. SphynxThe hairless Sphynx cat is known for its wrinkled skin and distinctive appearance, which includes large ears and a lively personality.
8. AbyssinianAbyssinians are agile and active cats with short, ticked coats and a playful, curious nature.
9. Russian BlueRussian Blue cats are easily recognized by their striking bluish-gray coats and their reserved but affectionate personalities.
10. BurmeseBurmese cats are known for their sleek, short coats and lively, affectionate behavior.
11. Norwegian ForestNorwegian Forest cats are large and robust, with long, waterproof fur, tufted ears, and a friendly, gentle disposition.
12. Devon RexDevon Rex cats have curly coats, large ears, and playful, mischievous personalities.
13. ManxManx cats are recognized by their lack of a tail or a short tail, and they have a sweet and adaptable nature.
14. American ShorthairThese cats come in a variety of coat colors and patterns and are known for their friendly and adaptable personalities.
15. HimalayanHimalayan cats are similar in appearance to Persians but have color points like Siamese cats, combining the best of both breeds.
16. Turkish VanTurkish Vans are known for their love of water, with a mostly white coat and color on their head and tail.
17. Exotic ShorthairExotic Shorthairs resemble Persians but have shorter, more manageable fur, and they are known for their gentle temperament.
18. ChartreuxChartreux cats have a distinctive blue-gray coat and are characterized by their calm and quiet demeanor.
19. Cornish RexCornish Rex cats have soft, curly fur and a playful, active personality.
20. American CurlAmerican Curls have distinctive curled ears and friendly, affectionate behavior.
21. Oriental ShorthairOriental Shorthairs are known for their striking and diverse coat colors and patterns, along with their outgoing and vocal personalities.

2. Dog

How to turn your dog into a Disney character? You can use this prompt.

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Prompt Example:

Disney pixar movie poster titled “Luna” in the image, cute shiba inu, with a focus on character expressions, make it 3D Animation.

You can change the word “Luna” to your dog’s name.

turn dog into disney ai character pixar movie bing image creator trend

3. Family

bing image creator disney pixar ai description about family 1
bing image creator disney pixar ai keywords about family


Disney Pixar movie poster, Create a cute family picture like this with three people: father, mother, and child, Make it 3d animation. The poster has a home background.

4. Couple

bing image creator disney pixar ai prompts examples about couple


“Disney pixar poster, a girl wear glasses and also looking at each other with a 20’s boy who wear black shirt and sitting on the beach, 3d animation”

5. Job

bing image creator disney pixar ai prompts examples about job


“Disney Pixar movie poster about “FATHURRAHMAN”. Please, make the poster’s ambience like “Up” movie. The character on the poster is a man who works as a Blogger. The man has black hair and wears glasses, a black backpack, and a leather jacket. The poster has a office background. 3D Animation.”

6. Asian

bing image creator disney pixar ai prompts examples about asian


Disney pixar poster features a 2 asian’s man walking while smoking in Gangnam Street at 12 p.m. They wear a suit jacket with a shirt with the buttons slightly open. The surrounding atmosphere looks busy. Make it 3d animation.

7. City

bing image creator disney pixar ai keywords about city

“Disney pixar poster title “YOUR CITY” feauters The city of Las Vegas is currently experiencing heavy rain, resulting in traffic jams on the city streets at night, illuminated by street lights.”

That is the information about the sample prompts for Disney Pixar Movie Poster using Bing Image Creator.

The main point is that the more detailed the description, the better the AI photo will match your expectations.

For the clues, make sure there is information about the subject, predicate, and place/atmosphere. I hope this can help you as a reference.

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