Easy Ways to Check AI Plagiarism (ChatGPT Writing)

Checking for writing plagiarism is essential when using online writing services.

It’s uncertain if the writer utilized AI tools or not.

To ensure original content and avoid copying others’ work, we must check if the writing comes from ChatGPT software or not.

Several websites offer free AI plagiarism checkers.

Check out this article to understand the process easily and clearly.

How to Identify Writing from AI ChatGPT Results on HP/PC

Here’s how to detect writing from chatgpt ai:

1. Visit the website link “https://writer.com/ai-content-detector/” using your computer or mobile browser

2. Copy and paste the text you want to analyze, up to a maximum of 1500 characters.

3. Click on “Analyze text” to detect whether the text was generated by AI like ChatGPT

4. If the text isn’t identified as AI-generated, you’ll see the label “100% Human-generated content.”

5. Additionally, you can add a URL link in the provided “Add URL” column

That provides information on how to check for plagiarism created by AI on computers and mobile devices in a simple way.

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