What is Enhanced Weapon in Metal Slug Awakening?

If you are new to play Metal Slug Awakening, you may be wondering what Enhanced Weapon means.

In this article, you will learn what Enhanced Weapon is and how it affects your gameplay.

The Meaning of Enhanced Weapon in Metal Slug Awakening

enhanced weapon metal slug awakening

Enhanced Weapon is one of the status terms in the game Metal Slug Awakening.

Enhanced Weapon can also be referred to as a buff. When a character or hero in the game Metal Slug Awakening.

Acquires this status, it strengthens the weapon attack effects of that hero.

For example, with the hero Gru Kang.

When he uses his skill several times, it activates the Enhanced Weapon buff, boosting his attack by 25%.

Currently, there are four heroes or characters in the game Metal Slug Awakening who have the Enhanced Weapon effect.

The Enhanced Weapon buff is indicated by an icon or bullet image above or below the hero.

Here are the heroes with Enhanced Weapon skills in the game Metal Slug Awakening:

HeroSkillEnhanced Weapon
Gru KangCombo JabGru Kang triggers Enhanced Weapon after throwing enhanced jabs, and Enhanced Weapon increases ATK by 25%
VioletGet ReadyFor every 10% CRIT DMG Violet has, increase the Enhanced Weapon’s Bullet DMG by 1%
Trevor SpaceyChop Iron KickEach use of Trevor’s skill triggers Enhanced Weapon, which converts this next attack to an Air Slash dealing 120% of his weapon’s Single DMG.
ScarlettPerfect ServiceScarlett can hit the return again for a second attack to trigger Enhanced Weapon, which allows the next shot to launch extra bullets that inherit 45% of her weapon’s Single DMG.

So, to activate the Enhanced Weapon status, you need to utilize some of the mentioned heroes above.

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Additionally, you can boost the effectiveness of Enhanced Weapons By obtaining and utilizing. Specific cores within the Joint Operation mode in Metal Slug Awakening.

So that’s information about meaning of Enhanced Weapon in Metal Slug Awakening. I hope this helps as a reference.

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