How to Autofarm High Quality Cloth in Palworld [Easy & Fast]

One of the resources you need in the game Palworld is high quality cloth, which can be used to make various items and outfits.

But how do you get high quality cloth without spending too much time and effort?

In this blog post, I will show you how to farm high quality cloth yourself using a special Pal and a simple farming method.

What You Need

To autofarm high quality cloth, you will need the following things:

  • A base where you can place down a couple of ranches. The ranch is a structure that allows you to assign Pals to work on your farm. You can build it with wood and stone, and it’s not that expensive.
  • A Pal called Sibelyx. This is a blue and white Pal that looks like a sheep. The reason why you want this Pal is because it has a special ability: sometimes it produces high quality cloth when assigned to the ranch. This is because it is a farming work suitability Pal, which means it is good at farming tasks. The more Sibelyx you have, the more high quality cloth you will get over time. I just threw them in the ranch and I already got eight cloth!
  • A breeding form. This is a structure that allows you to breed two Pals and get a new Pal. You can unlock it at level 19, and you can build it with wood, stone, and metal.

How to Get Sibelyx

sibelyx high quality cloth palworld

You might be wondering how to get Sibelyx, since it is a rare Pal that can only be found in a level 40 raid at the coordinates 253, 70.

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But don’t worry, you don’t have to do the raid or get to level 40.

You can make your own Sibelyx by using two Pals that are under level 20 and very easy to get: Nitewing and Cinnamoth.

Nitewing is a black and purple Pal that looks like a bat.

You can catch it in many places on the map, but if you want a guaranteed spawn, you can find a level 18 Nitewing raid boss at the coordinates -275, -71.

Cinnamoth is a yellow and green Pal that looks like a moth. You can find a ton of them in the middle area of the map, and they are one of the most common Pals you will encounter.

You need a male and a female of each Pal, and then you can lift them up in your Pal base and throw them at the breeding form.

You will see that they will start breeding, and after a while, they will produce a large frozen egg.

This egg will hatch into a Sibelyx , and you can repeat the process as many times as you want.

How to Autofarm High Quality Cloth in Palworld

Once you have your Sibelyx, you can assign them to the ranch and let them do their work.

They will drop high quality cloth as time goes by, and you can collect it whenever you want.

You can also use other farming work suitability Pals, such as Wooly, to increase your cloth production.

Just make sure you have enough space and food for your Pals, and you will have a steady supply of high quality cloth for your crafting needs.

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That’s it for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something new.

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