How to Breed Anubis in Palworld: A Complete Guide

Anubis is a powerful and mysterious monster in Palworld. It is both a challenging boss and a desirable companion.

To capture an Anubis in the wild, players must progress far in the game. However, there is a shortcut to obtaining Anubis early on through breeding at the Breeding Farm.

Key Requirement: Unlocking the Breeding Farm

Breeding becomes available at level 19, which also unlocks the Breeding Farm. To initiate the breeding process, use the Breeding Farm in conjunction with the Egg Incubator, which is necessary for hatching eggs.

Steps to Breed Anubis

1. Reaching the Prerequisite Level

First and foremost, players must attain level 19 to unlock the Breeding Farm. Following its unlocking, constructing the Breeding Farm is the initial step in the breeding journey. Additionally, obtaining the Egg Incubator is vital for the incubation and hatching of eggs.

2. Capturing Penking and Bushi

To breed Anubis, specific Pals are required—Penking and Bushi, each of different genders. This duo is recommended for their compatibility and ease of breeding Anubis.

  • Penking: This level 15 boss dwells within the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings, presenting a unique challenge to players.
  • Bush: A level 23 inhabitant of the Sacred Realm of the Swordmaster, Bushi offers a different set of challenges.

Capturing these Pals requires attention to their gender; a male Penking necessitates the capture of a female Bushi, and vice versa.

3. Initiating the Breeding Process

After securing Penking and Bushi, the next step is to place them within the Breeding Farm. The breeding process is kick-started by an often-overlooked component: Cake.

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This element is crucial for encouraging the Pals to breed. For a comprehensive understanding of breeding mechanics, referring to a dedicated breeding guide is advisable.

4. Egg Incubation and Hatching

The culmination of the breeding process is the production of an egg. This egg should then be placed in the Egg Incubator for hatching.

Positioning a campfire near the incubator is a recommended practice, as the warmth accelerates the hatching process.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Breeding

  • Level Up Strategically: Advancing to level 19 and unlocking the necessary facilities are fundamental steps that require planning and strategy.
  • Dungeon Exploration: Successfully capturing Penking and Bushi involves delving into dungeons, emphasizing the need for preparation and combat readiness.
  • Patience is Key: Breeding is a waiting game; patience and periodic checks are essential for success.

Breeding Anubis in Palworld is an intricate process that rewards strategic planning and patience.

By following these steps and recommendations, players can significantly enhance their Palworld experience. Unlocking the potential to breed Anubis and explore the game’s rich world with this powerful ally by their side.

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