How to Create an Adsterra Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adsterra is a reputable advertising network that connects publishers (website owners) with advertisers. It offers a variety of ad formats to monetize your web traffic effectively.

If you’re ready to start earning from your website or app, the first step is to create an Adsterra account. This guide will streamline the process for you.

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What is Adsterra?

Before diving into the sign-up process, let’s briefly define Adsterra:

  • Global Advertising Network: Adsterra serves publishers and advertisers worldwide, reaching a vast audience.
  • Diverse Ad Formats: Offers options like popunders, social bar, display banners, native ads, and more.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The platform is known for its ease of use and intuitive interface.
  • Reliable Payouts: Adsterra has a good reputation for timely payments to publishers.

How to Create an Adsterra Account

Follow these simple steps to create your Adsterra account:

  1. Visit the Adsterra Website: Go to the official Adsterra website (
  2. Start Registration: Click the “SIGN UP” button and choose “AS A PUBLISHER.”
  3. Fill in Required Information: Complete the form with the following details:
    • Email address
    • Full name
    • Your Adsterra login (username)
    • Password
    • Preferred messenger to contact you
    • Payment method (for receiving your earnings)
  4. Email Verification: Adsterra will send a verification email to the address provided. Click the confirmation link within the email.
  5. Sign In: You can now sign in to your new Adsterra account with your login and password.
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Tips for a Successful Adsterra Application

  • Real Website: Ensure you have a live website or app with some existing traffic.
  • Non-Prohibited Content: Your website shouldn’t contain illegal, adult, or overly promotional content.
  • Accurate Information: Provide correct details during the sign-up process.

Why Choose Adsterra?

Here’s why publishers frequently choose Adsterra:

  • High CPM Rates: Adsterra often offers competitive rates compared to other similar networks.
  • Approval Process: Approval is relatively quick and straightforward.
  • Security: Adsterra has anti-fraud measures in place to secure both advertiser and publisher interests.

Start Earning with Adsterra

Once your account is created and your website is approved, you can integrate the ad codes Adsterra provides into your site to start displaying ads and earning money.

  • Adding your website: Provide information about your website for Adsterra’s approval.
  • Creating ad codes: Select ad formats and customize them to match your website’s look.
  • Implementing ad codes: Insert the generated codes into your website.

Choosing Your Payment Method

Adsterra supports various payment methods for publishers, giving you flexibility:

  • PayPal: Popular for smaller payouts (minimum payout threshold of $50)
  • Bitcoin: Great for anonymity and fast transactions
  • WebMoney: Another convenient digital wallet
  • Wire Transfers: Useful for large payouts (minimum $1000)

Additional Notes

  • Adsterra has a supportive community and resources to guide you.
  • Experiment with different ad formats to optimize your earnings.

Key Statistics on Adsterra

  • Global Reach: Adsterra delivers ads to over 248 countries and territories.
  • High Traffic: Serves over 30 billion ad impressions a month.
  • Variety: Offers diverse ad formats like popunders, banners, social bar, and more.
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Creating an Adsterra account is easy and unlocks a potential revenue stream for your website. Follow this guide to start your Adsterra journey.

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