How to Enable G-Sync on AMD FreeSync Monitors (A Guide)

Enabling Nvidia’s G-sync feature is quick and easy for those of you using AMD’s FreeSync monitors.

As we know, AMD FreeSync monitors are relatively cheaper than G-Sync monitors on Windows 11 or 10.

But with the latest G-sync compatible feature in the Nvidia driver, we can activate the G-sync feature when the AMD FreeSync mode is active on the monitor.

For more details, please refer to the following method.

How to Use the G-Sync Compatible Feature?

Here are some requirements so that you can use the G-Sync Compatible feature on the AMD Freesync monitor:

  • Have an AMD Freesync Monitor with Display Port cable version 1.4.
  • Have at least an Nvidia Geforce GTX 10-Series graphics card or above.
  • Install the latest drivers from Nvidia.
  • Enable the AMD Freesync feature in the monitor settings.

For example, here I am using an LG 24GN600 monitor, with a GTX 1050 graphics card.

Actually, previously I had an LG monitor too, but because it didn’t have a display port, so I couldn’t activate the G-Sync Compatible feature.

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How to Enable G-Sync on Nvidia Control Panel

how to enable gsync on nvidia control panel windows 11 10

Here is how to enable G-Sync in Windows 11/10

1. Turn on your Windows 11/10 PC/Laptop

2. Next right-click on the desktop screen> then select “NVIDIA Control Panel”

3. Next in the NVIDIA Control Panel you select “Display” > Set-up “G-SYNC”

4. After that, to activate the G-Sync Compatible feature, you can check the Enable G-Sync / G-Sync Compatible section

5. If so, you save the settings by selecting the Apply button

Set up G-SYNC feature, will not appear if you do not enable the AMD FreeSync feature on the monitor you are using.

What is G-Sync?

G-Sync is one of the features of Nvidia’s technology designed to synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate with the frame rate (FPS) while playing games.

By enabling the G-Sync function, we can prevent or decrease the occurrence of screen tearing. It can also be referred to as several images that are split or do not match each other when displayed on the monitor screen.

For those who are new to using monitors with display port cables. Especially for the GTX 10 series Nvidia graphics card version and earlier, you may have experienced what’s called a fast boot, without entering the BIOS when the PC/Laptop is turned on.

You can fix the issue by updating your Nvidia graphics card firmware.

How to Fix DisplayPort Cable Issues Preventing BIOS Access on Nvidia Graphics Cards in Windows 10/11

how to use nvidia displayport firmware updater
  1. Turn on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Run the browser.
  3. Next, visit the NVIDIA Graphics Firmware Update Fix Display Port link (
  4. Download the file.
  5. Then run the NVIDIA DisplayPort Firmware Updater file.
  6. Select the Next button.
  7. Next select Update.
  8. After that you select the Restart Now button, to restart your Windows 10 PC/Laptop.
  9. Later you will return to BIOS mode when the first time your computer is turned on.

Make sure that when you want to update, you don’t let your PC or laptop die suddenly because it could damage your VGA card hardware.

You need to know that firmware updates are different from installing or updating VGA drivers. Therefore, the system will be implanted directly into the VGA card hardware.

That’s the article on how to enable the G-Sync feature on the AMD Freesync Monitor. Hopefully it can help you.

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