How To Redeem Codes in Metal Slug Awakening (7+ Easy Steps)

Are you looking for ways to redeem Codes Metal Slug Awakening? Here are some steps to get rewards from redeem codes in game.

How To Redeem Codes in Metal Slug Awakening

how to redeem code metal slug awakening android ios

Here’s how to redeem the metal slug awakening Redeem Codes on your Android/iPhone:

1. Open the website link Redeem Center in your web browser

You can access this website link “” through the web browser on your smartphone or computer.

2. Next, input the “Character ID” of your Metal Slug Awakening account.

You can find the character ID (or role ID) in your game profile.

3. Afterward, input the “Redeem Code” for Metal Slug Awakening

4. As an example, you can enter the gift code “114QWKGW” into the provided field

5. Proceed by entering the “Verification Code.”

6. Then, click on “Exchange” to redeem the code

A success message will appear, stating “Code successfully used”.

7. Log in to claim rewards in the game

8. Later, in the Metal Slug Awakening game on your mobile device, go to the “Mail Center” to access your rewards

So that’s information about how to redeem codes in Metal Slug Awakening. I hope this helps as a reference.

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