3+ Easy Ways to Save PDF in Photoshop (Export Multi-Page)

How do I save a PDF file in Photoshop? If you are just learning how to use Adobe Photoshop software, you may be wondering where to export PDF files in Photoshop.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format used to store documents so that they can be easily opened and read on different devices and operating systems.

With the PDF format, we can insert text, images, tables, links, and so on, so that it can be used later for specific purposes.

Now in Photoshop we can save PDF files from our own edits of 2 or more photos in different ways.

Here are some of the methods you can try.

How to Save Photoshop Files as PDF on a Windows PC/Laptop

1. Make sure you have installed Adobe Photoshop on your Windows 10/11 laptop/PC

2. Open a JPG or PNG image file with Photoshop by right-clicking on the file

3. Selecting “Open with” and then selecting “Adobe Photoshop”

4. Next, select “File”, then “Save As” (Shift+Ctrl+S).

Determine the file location to the storage folder on the computer.

5. Specify the PDF file name before saving

6. Then, in the Save as Type section, select “Photoshop PDF”

7. After that, select “Save”, then in the Save Adobe PDF window

Select Save PDF to save the image or photo in Photoshop in PDF format.

How to Save Photoshop Files as PDF on MacBook/Mac OS Laptops

Apart from saving PDF documents from Photoshop using a Windows laptop, we can also export PDF files in Photoshop from a MacBook laptop.

Here’s how to save an image as a PDF in Photoshop on Mac OS.

  • Open the Photoshop application on Mac OS.
  • Next, select “File” > “Save As.”
  • Alternatively, you can use Shift+Command+S.
  • Then, the Save As window will appear.
  • Specify the file location to the storage folder.
  • Then in the format section, select “Photoshop PDF.”
  • After that, select “Save”, then “Save PDF” to save the image in Photoshop as a PDF format.

How to Save PDFs in Photoshop with a Small File Size

how to export pdf in photoshop smallest size
how to export pdf in photoshop with the smallest file size

Here’s how to reduce the size of a PDF file with Photoshop:

  • Open the Photoshop application on your PC/Laptop.
  • Next, go to “File” > “Save As” (Shift+Ctrl+S).
  • Then, in the Save As Type section, select “Photoshop PDF”.
  • Next, in the Save Adobe PDF window, specifically in the Adobe PDF Preset section, select “Smallest File Size“.
  • After that, select “Save PDF” to save a small PDF file.
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Apart from that, to reduce the size of a PDF file in Photoshop, you can use the Adobe PDF Preset feature, which you can access via the Edit > Adobe PDF Presets menu.

How to Save Multiple Pages as a PDF in Photoshop

how to save pdf photoshop multiple pages

If before, we had to save each page of the PDF one by one in Photoshop, now you can save multiple pages at once by following a few steps in Photoshop.

Here’s how to save all PDFs in Photoshop:

  • First, open the Photoshop application on your computer.
  • Then, prepare the PSD format files, or JPG or PNG images you want to convert into a PDF.
  • Next select “File” > select “Automate” > “PDF Presentation”.
  • Next, in the PDF Presentation window, select “Browse” > then add the image or photo you want to make into a PDF.
  • Then in the Output Options section > select “Multi-Page Document” > select “Save”.
  • After that, determine the file name and storage folder location on your computer, then select “Save” to save multiple PDF pages in Photoshop.

Actually, apart from PDF format, you can also save JPG, PNG in Photoshop in various ways.

That’s the article about how to easily save a PDF in Photoshop, whether on a Windows laptop or Macbook laptop. I hope this helps.

Can Photoshop export a PDF file?

Yes, Adobe Photoshop can convert files to PDF format. Follow the tutorial above to change a Photoshop file into a PDF.

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