How to Leave a Club in Metal Slug Awakening Mobile

How to quit a Club in the Metal Slug Awakening Game? Read this article to easily and clearly understand the steps.

How to Leave Club In Metal Slug Awakening

how to leave club in metal slug awakening

The Metal Slug Awakening game offers features such as Clans or Guilds, referred to as Clubs.

Beginner players sometimes get confused when joining someone else’s club.

Because they may not see if the club members are active or not.

Here’s how you can leave a club in metal slug awakening:

1. Run the Metal Slug Awakening game on your Android/iPhone

2. Go to Andrew Town

3. Select the “Club” option in the bottom right corner.

4. Then, choose “Members”

5. Next to your nickname, select the right-facing arrow

6. Confirm your choice by selecting “Sure”

7. Congratulations, you have successfully left the club in Metal Slug Awakening

It is important for you to know that, after successfully leaving a club, you will need to wait for approximately 10 minutes before joining a new club.

Furthermore, all club-related aspects, such as technology features, will not disappear. It is recommended to join a new club within a maximum of 24 hours.

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That’s the information on how to leave a club in the Metal Slug Awakening game. We hope this serves as a helpful reference.

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