3+ Metal Slug Awakening: Hero-Based Weapon Suggestions

What are the weapon recommendations in Metal Slug Awakening? Check out this article to learn tips on choosing the right weapons for your heroes in the game Metal Slug Awakening.

Tips for Choosing the Right Weapons for Your Heroes in Metal Slug Awakening

As previous Metal Slug Awakening tips articles have mentioned, the game includes four elements.

Which players can refer to as debuffs on each weapon in the game.

For example, there are status effects like Weakness, Freeze, Wound, and Ignite.

So, if you’re unsure which weapons are suitable for the hero you’re using, you can check out the list below.

NoDebuffInformationWeapons RecommendationHeroes Recommendation
Attacking the enemy’s weak points increases damage output. Target the Weak status on enemy units to maximize damage results.
Heavy Machine Gun
Saw Launcher
Lyla, Marco Rossi, Nadia
2FreezeAttacking enemies in a Freeze status will reduce their speed and provide a damage bonus. Use explosive weapons to trigger a higher damage bonus.Freeze gunHaran, Nadia
3WoundAttacking enemy units with a Wound status will grant a damage bonus. Weapons with a high Rate of Fire (RoF) can trigger the damage bonus more frequently.Bazooka
Heavy Sniper Rifle
Boxing Gun
Fio Germi, Eva Glenn, Violet, Scarlett,Tarma Roving
Attacking enemy units in IGNITE status will accumulate damage. Once it reaches a certain threshold, it will trigger a large-scale explosion.
Flame Shot
Eri Kasamoto, Gru Kang, Nadia Cassel, Trevor Spacey

For the hero or character Nadia, her weapon usage is indeed flexible. It can be adjusted to the squad or team you are using.

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In essence, make sure that your 3 heroes or team members can inflict 3 Debuffs status effects.

So, there you have it, information about weapon recommendations in Metal Slug Awakening. Hopefully, this can serve as a helpful reference.

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