How to Play Multiplayer In Metal Slug Awakening (Co Op)

Do you want to enjoy Metal Slug Awakening with your friends or other players? This guide will show you how to access and play the multiplayer mode (Joint Operation) in this exciting game.

Is Metal Slug Awakening Multiplayer?

For those of you who are wondering does metal slug awakening have multiplayer or not. The answer is yes, this game can be played with other players in multiplayer mode (Joint Operation).

The need is that when your character reaches level 11 or 12, you will be able to play with other players randomly (matchmaking) and also with your friends.

How to Play Multiplayer in Metal Slug Awakening

how to play multiplayer in metal slug awakening

Here is how to play Multiplayer in Metal Slug Awakening:

1. Start playing the game Metal Slug Awakening on your Android or iPhone

2. Level up your character to reach level 11-12

4. Now, choose the “Joint Operation” To play multiplayer mode in Metal Slug Awakening

5. Then, select “Go” and choose “Challenge”

6. Afterward, tap on “Form Team ” then choose “Create a Team”

7. “If you want to play with friends, you can invite them from the list > and then “Start”

So that’s information about how to play Multiplayer in Metal Slug Awakening on Mobile. I hope this helps as a reference.

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