13+ Metal Slug Awakening Redeem Codes

What are the Latest Metal Slug Awakening Redeem Codes? Check out this article to find out more.

Metal Slug Awakening Redeem Code List

Here are some of the latest Metal Slug Awakening redeem codes, to get free gifts that you can claim in the game:

No🎁Free Redeem Code🖥️Region
1114QWKGWThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
2914GE5HRThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
3814SDWGYThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
4214TYM7OThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
5A14P7E7TThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
6014X8ZNTThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
7314TERDNThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
8MSNEWSERVER Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
9MSVIP999Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines
10MSOBHPThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
11MSOBFRThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
12MSOBHTThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
13MSHALLOWEENThailand, Indonesia, Philippines
14MSYOUTBESUBSThailand, Indonesia, Philippines

For those of you who want to claim the gift code in the Metal Slug Awakening game. You can see how to redeem the metal slug awakening code.

Metal Slug: Awakening is now available worldwide on Android and iPhone devices.

It was released on August 22, 2023, through a partnership between VNGGames International and Tencent.

Fans of classic console games, including PS 1 and PS 2, will likely feel nostalgic when playing this game.

If you are looking for the latest redeem code for Metal Slug Awakening, we hope this information will help you. Furthermore, for novice players of this game, there is an invitation code available in addition to the redeem code.

This code can be used to earn rewards within the game.

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