15+ Metal Slug Awakening Tips for Beginners (Guide)

What are the Tips and Tricks for Playing Metal Slug Awakening on Android/iPhone? Check out this beginner’s guide to playing Metal Slug Awakening on your mobile device.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Metal Slug Awakening

Here are some tips for playing Metal Slug Awakening, especially for beginners to playing Metal Slug Awakening:

Controls and Movement in Metal Slug Awakening

metal slug awakening tips
  • Understand the gameplay mechanics and controls in the game. Metal Slug Awakening has unique controls and mechanics compared to other mobile games.
  • It’s a “run and gun” or “arcade-style shooter” game, where you control a character who can move left and right while shooting enemies on the screen.

Activate Auto Aim in Metal Slug Awakening

  • You can use the Auto Aim feature, which automatically targets the nearest enemy to your character.
  • To activate Auto Aim, go to the city of Andrew (Complete the Prologue Mission), then select the box menu in the upper right corner, go to Settings, choose Aim, and check the Aim Mode option.

Complete the Prologue Missions

  • When you create a new account in Metal Slug Awakening, you must complete the prologue missions first.
  • During these missions, you will defeat Conga, and later, you will meet the character Rumi, who will take you to the headquarters of the Commanders in Andrew Town.
  • In Andrew Town you will encounter other players in the same server and unlock various game modes and features.
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Avoiding Attacks

metal slug awakening guide
  • Avoiding enemy attacks is crucial in this game. Learn when to dodge or take cover.
  • Familiarize yourself with the special skills of your character or hero. For example, a hero like Nadia has an Ultimate Skill that can help you evade attacks in both player-versus-player (PVP) and player-versus-environment (PVE) scenarios.

Understanding Stamina in Metal Slug Awakening

metal slug awakening tips and tricks

In Metal Slug Awakening, it’s important to understand that there are several game modes that require stamina, and there are others that do not.

Examples of game modes that require stamina include:

  1. Joint Operation: This mode often involves cooperative gameplay and typically consumes stamina.
  2. Arcade Carnival: Participating in the Arcade Carnival also consumes stamina.
  3. Story or Main Missions: Progressing through the main storyline and completing missions within it require stamina.

Examples of game modes that do not require stamina include:

  1. Hot Pursuit: This mode doesn’t consume stamina and offers various challenges.
  2. Ultimate Arena: You can auto-battles in this mode without expending stamina.
  3. Prime Showdown: Stamina is not required for battles in this mode 1vs1.
  4. The Maze: Exploring the Maze doesn’t deplete your stamina.

Understanding which game modes consume stamina and which do not is crucial for managing your in-game resources effectively.

It allows you to plan your gaming sessions and maximize your progress within the limits of your stamina.

Understanding Debuff Status in the Game

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It’s important for beginner players to know that there are four types of elements in this game: Weak, Freeze, Wound, and Ignite.

These elements are also referred to in the game as Debuff status.

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To achieve the maximum damage combo, you must combine three different debuff statuses within one team.

So, three characters or heroes in Metal Slug Awakening, on the same team, must wield weapons with different types of debuff statuses.

Choosing Hero Types in Metal Slug Awakening

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Characters in the game Metal Slug Awakening can be categorized into two main types: Firepower and Spec-Ops.

Firepower are the type of hero capable of dealing significant damage to enemies, making them ideal as damage dealers or DPS.

Spec-Ops, on the other hand, are heroes that can provide additional strength to themselves and their teammates, making them a good choice as support to maximize the damage output of Firepower-type heroes.

It is recommended to choose at least 1 Firepower hero and 2 Spec-Ops heroes for your team’s balance.

Important Hero Attributes

Each hero possesses different attributes such as Damage Debuff, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Ignore Defense.

You can view these attributes in the Hero menu, located at the bottom right of the screen.

Choose attributes that align with your gameplay style to enhance your hero’s abilities.

You can find recommended attributes in the bottom right corner.

Hero Talents and Choosing the Right Weapons

Hero talents can be activated by selecting weapons with matching Debuff status.

For example, Haran requires a weapon with the Debuff status Freeze to activate her talent. Choose weapons with Debuff status that suit your hero’s needs.

Equipment and Accessories

Equipment has fixed attributes like Attack, HP, and Defense, as well as random attributes like Crit Damage, Crit Damage Resist, and others.

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Select equipment and adjust accessories based on the hero you’re using to optimize your team’s performance.

Choosing the Right Weapons

Every weapon has Debuff Status such as Weak, Wound, Ignite, and Freeze, which can inflict Debuff Conditions on enemies.

The choice of weapons with matching Debuff Status significantly impacts your gameplay.

For instance, Haran will be more effective with a weapon that has the Freeze status, activating the Freeze effect in her skills and dealing greater Freeze DMG to enemies.

Ensure you select weapons that are suitable for your hero.

Core Function in Metal Slug Awakening

meal slug awakening core weapons

In Metal Slug Awakening, artifacts used to strengthen your hero are called cores.

Cores are one of the crucial factors in the game for increasing your hero’s team power.

You can equip up to 6 cores on each weapon. Cores have specialization sets for 2 sets and 4 sets, which vary for each core.

Core attributes can be customized to match your hero’s attributes, enhancing their abilities.

Make sure to choose core weapon attribute buffs that align with your hero’s attributes.

Boosting Team Power in Metal Slug Awakening

metal slug awakening team power

Team power are represents the total strength of your team. A higher Team Power indicates that your team’s characters are stronger compared to other players.

Team Power also serves as a requirement for entering certain game modes in Metal Slug Awakening.

Gacha Weapons and Characters in Metal Slug Awakening

metal slug awakening gacha

You can perform gacha draws for characters and weapons in Metal Slug Awakening.

To gacha, you’ll need an item called Alloy Pickaxe, which you can obtain from daily missions, various game modes, and story missions.

You can acquire this item for free (F2P) or through paid (top-up) means.

Daily and Weekly Resets in Metal Slug Awakening

For those wondering when the daily reset occurs, the game uses GMT+8 time system.

So, for players in the WIB time zone with GMT+7, the daily reset happens one hour earlier than in-game time, at 04:00 AM.

The weekly reset occurs on Mondays at 05:00 AM. You can also check the in-game time in the top left corner next to the mini-map.

Well, that’s information on tips and tricks for beginners playing Metal Slug Awakening.

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