How to Activate Adventure Sync in Monster Hunter Now

Wondering how to activate the Adventure Sync feature in the game Monster Hunter Now? Check out this article and understand the steps.

How to Enable Adventure Sync in Monster Hunter Now

What is the Adventure Sync feature? Adventure Sync is one of the features in Monster Hunter Now that is like the game Pokemon GO.

In this feature, your in-game feline companion named Palico will collect items while you’re on the move. It will also mark monsters for later hunts using paintballs.

how to enable adventure sync in monster hunter now

Here’s how to activate Adventure Sync in Monster Hunter Now:

1. Launch the Monster Hunter Now game on Android/iOS

2. Select your character icon in the bottom-left corner

3. Choose “Settings” on the Hunter’s profile page

4. Then, enable “Adventure Sync”

5. Afterward, the Adventure Sync feature will activate automatically in the background

Your Palico will continue to function and move in the background. Even when you’re not playing the Monster Hunter Now game.

That’s the information on how to activate the Adventure Sync feature in the Monster Hunter Now game. Hopefully, this serves as a helpful reference.

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