Monster Hunter Now: Rising Tide Amor and Weapons (4 Levels)

Rising Tide is a skill found in both weapons and armor in the game Monster Hunter Now.

Its function is to boost attack power and defense as the hunt timer counts down.

For those of you who are currently playing Monster Hunter Now.

You may be curious about armor that incorporates the Rising Tide skill. Below is a list for your reference.

List of Weapons and Armor with the ‘Rising Tide’ Skill

weapons and armor with the rising tide skill in monster hunter now
Weapon and Armor Grade
Anjanath WeaponG8 Rising Tide 1
Jagras MailG2 Rising Tide 1
G6 Rising Tide 2
Jagras CoilG4 Rising Tide 1

As you can see from the data above, to unlock the Rising Tide skill, you need a weapon from the largest Anjanath monster up to Grade 8.

You also require armor from the largest monster, the Jagras set, specifically the Jagras Mail and Jagras Coil. From Grade 2 to Grade 6 and Grade 4.

So that’s information about Rising Tide Armor and Weapons in Monster Hunter Now Game. I hope this helps as a reference.

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