3+ Easy Ways to Get Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Now

Dragonite Ore is a valuable resource in Monster Hunter Now, used by players to craft powerful weapons and armor.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to obtain Dragonite Ore in the game.

What is Dagonite Ore?

Dragonite Ore is a high-rank material (Rarity 3) that you can find in various locations throughout the Monster Hunter Now.

It’s primarily used in forging and upgrading weapons and armor.

How to Get Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Now

Here’s how to get dragonite ore items in the monster hunter now game:

1. Daily Quests

how to get dragonite ore monster hunter now

The first way to get Dragonite Ore is by completing daily missions.

Later when you complete the daily mission, you will automatically get Dragonite Ore.

In fact, the Daily Mission does not always provide Dragonite Ore as a reward.

2. Mining Outcrop

Dragonite Ores are a kind of material that you can get from Mining Outcrops. These are big rocks that you can find in many places.

They look like the places where you can catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But you may not always get Dragonite Ores from them. It depends on your luck.

Some players have a hard time getting Dragonite Ores, even if they try a lot. This may be because the game knows what you want and makes it harder for you.

This is what some old Monster Hunter players call the ‘desire sensor’.

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They say that if you really want something, the game will not give it to you easily.

3. Exploration

You can also get Dragonite Ore when you are walking around your home area if you are lucky.

So that’s information about how to get Dragonite Ore items in the monster hunter now. I hope this helps as a reference.

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