Why does ‘gameplay restricted’ show in Monster Hunter Now?

In this article, you will find out why you may see the ‘Gameplay Restricted’ message in Monster Hunter Now and how to fix it.

What is ‘Gameplay Restricted’ in the game Monster Hunter Now?

monster hunter now gameplay restricted due to detection of high traveling speed restriction

What is ‘Gameplay Restricted’ in the game Monster Hunter Now?

For new players diving into the world of Monster Hunter Now, you might wonder why you’re seeing the message ‘Gameplay restricted due to detection of high traveling speed’ and ‘Please refrain from playing while driving.’

You’ll also notice a button that says ‘I am not a driver.’

In essence, this means that your gameplay is temporarily limited because the game has detected that you are moving at a high speed. It’s a reminder not to play the game while driving.

When you encounter this message, you’ll experience a peculiar effect: all monsters, items, and materials suddenly disappear from the map, leaving it blank or empty.

This means you won’t be able to hunt monsters while the ‘gameplay restricted’ notification is active.

However, after a few minutes, everything will return to normal, and you can resume your monster hunting adventures.

The causes of the ‘Gameplay Restricted’ error in Monster Hunter Now can vary and include:

  1. Driving a car or motorcycle.
  2. Running at high speeds.
  3. Inaccurate GPS positioning.
  4. Using Fake GPS application.

In summary, ‘Gameplay Restricted’ is a temporary restriction that disappears after a few minutes, and its triggers can be attributed to various factors.

That’s the information about ‘Gameplay Restricted’ notification in Monster Hunter Now. Hopefully, this information serves as a helpful reference.”

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