How to Easily Use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

In the game Monster Hunter Now, players can use unique weapon abilities. Known as special skills when hunting monsters.
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unlock and use special skills in Monster Hunter Now:

Using the Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

how to use special skill in monster hunter now

Here’s how to use the special skill in Monster Hunter Now:

1. Open the Monster Hunter Now game on your Android/iOS device

2. Select the “Weapons” option located in the bottom-left corner

This can also be referred to as “Equipment” since weapons and armor fall under the same menu or page in the Monster Hunter Now game.

3. Next, choose the weapon you wish to upgrade

4. Then, select “Level Up” until it reaches “Grade 2”

5. Special Skills will automatically become accessible once you’ve upgraded the weapon to “Grade 2”

6. Proceed to locate and hunt monsters in your nearest location

Attack monsters until the Special Skill meter in the center of the screen is full.

That concludes the information on how to use Special Skills in the Monster Hunter Now game. Hopefully, this serves as a helpful reference for you.

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