15+ Monster Hunter Now Tips for Beginners (Guide)

What are the Tips and Tricks for Playing Monster Hunter Now? Whether you’re playing on an Android or iPhone. Check out this article to discover the Monster Hunter Now game guide for beginners.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Monster Hunter Now

Here are some tips for playing Monster Hunter Now, especially for beginners to playing Monster Hunter Now:

1. Choosing the Right Weapon

monster hunter now guide

The first tip for playing Monster Hunter Now is to select a weapon that suits your playstyle.

In the game, you have various weapon options to choose from, such as the Great Sword, Long Sword, and Bowgun.

Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with different weapons to find the gameplay style that suits you best.

For beginners, it’s recommended to start with the Sword & Shield to become familiar with the combat mechanics when facing monsters.

2. Unlocking Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

In Monster Hunter Now, you can utilize Special Skills associated with each weapon to combat monsters effectively.

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To unlock these skills, you need to upgrade your weapon to at least Grade 2.

When facing monsters, you’ll see orange-colored icons representing Special Skills.

These skills are crucial for defeating monsters quickly.

3. Using the Monster Hunter Now Referral Code

For beginners who have never played Monster Hunter Now before, you can use the referral code (YKJXEVRY) to receive rewards such as 3 Paintballs, 5 Potions, and 300 Zenny.

You will automatically receive these rewards once your Hunter Rank reaches level 6.

This referral code is only valid for new players who haven’t created a Monster Hunter Now account.

4. Unlocking New Weapon Types

In Monster Hunter Now, you start your adventure with the Sword and Shield as your initial weapon.

To unlock new weapon types in the game, you must first complete main quests story ( chapters).

5. Learn Monster Mechanics

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Before embarking on a hunt, it’s crucial to understand the attack patterns and behaviors of the monsters you’ll be facing.

Each monster has unique attack patterns, so learn to avoid their attacks and find opportunities to strike.

You can watch gameplay videos of others on YouTube to study the mechanics of monster attacks.

6. Identify Monster Weak Points

Every large monster in Monster Hunter Now has weak points that you can exploit by targeting them repeatedly.

Attacking these weak points will yield additional loot drops after successfully defeating the monster.

7. Upgrade Weapons and Armor

As you advance in the game, completing missions and upgrading your Kulu Head to Grade 2 enables the Lock On skill.

This skill lets you focus on precise monster areas with melee weapons.

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Upgrading your weapon also unlocks Special Skills for monster encounters.

Likewise, armor unlocks special skill effects at specific grades.

8. Understand Elemental Weaknesses of Large Monsters

This is a crucial tip for beginners.

Every large monster in Monster Hunter Now has different elemental strengths and weaknesses.

Ensure you attack them with a weapon element that is effective to maximize your damage output and defeat monsters quickly.

In the game, you must defeat large monsters within a specified time limit, and running out of time results in failure.

9. Read the Monster Guide

To learn about monster elements, weaknesses, and their spawn locations, you can access the Monster Guide in the menu. Here’s how:

  • Select the Hunter or Character icon.
  • Choose Monster Guide.
  • You’ll find comprehensive information about both large and small monsters in Monster Hunter Now.

10. Collect Various Essential Materials

In Monster Hunter Now, you’ll need various materials to upgrade the weapons and armor you desire.

While you’ll often use materials obtained from large monsters, you’ll also need common materials like Iron Ore or Sharp Claws.

Ensure you have an ample supply of these materials when needed for upgrades.

You can use the Monster Guide feature to discover the items you can obtain after defeating specific monsters.

11. Use Gems for Double Rewards

You can use Gems, purchasable in the in-game store, to double the drop rate of items from monsters.

Gems are particularly useful when seeking rare or hard-to-obtain items for weapon and armor upgrades.

12. Pay Attention to Monster Stars

In Monster Hunter Now, especially for large monsters, the difficulty level of battling them is indicated by stars above their names.

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The more stars a large monster has, the thicker their HP and the greater the difficulty in defeating them.

Be prepared with suitable weapons and armor when facing higher-star monsters, as their difficulty levels vary between 1, 2, and 3 stars.

13. Use Paint Balls for Monster Capture

You can use Paintballs, obtained through referral code rewards, to capture monsters in your near location.

This allows you to engage them in combat later when you’re ready, especially if you’re busy with other activities and don’t want to hunt them immediately.

14. Play with Friends

If you’re having difficulty facing monsters with a higher star level than your own, consider inviting friends with higher levels to join you in hunting these monsters.

Ensure you’ve added your friends to your list for easy coordination.

15. Combine Armor for Special Skills

Apart from upgrading armor to strengthen your character, it’s important to understand the specific skill effects of each armor piece, obtained from hunting different monsters.

Each armor part, such as gloves, chest, legs, pants, and head, has its own special skill effects.

It’s recommended to mix and match armor pieces from various monsters to maximize the benefits of these special skills.

What is the best weapon for beginners?

The best weapons for beginners are the Long Sword or Sword and Shield. They are relatively easy to use and are suitable for newcomers.

So, that is the information on tips and tricks for playing Monster Hunter Now for beginners. Hopefully, this can serve as a reference.

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