7+ Palworld Black Marketeer Locations You Need Know

In this article, I will show you where to find all the Black Marketeer locations in Palworld and what they can offer you.

Palworld is a game that lets you explore a vast open world full of Pals, monsters that can be your friends, enemies or tools.

You can capture, breed, craft, build and fight Pals, as well as interact with other players and NPCs.

One of the most intriguing features of Palworld is the existence of Black Marketeers, shady merchants who sell rare Pals.

What are Black Marketeers?

Black Marketeers are NPCs that can be found in hidden or remote locations across the map.

They are usually inside caves, mineshafts, or ruins, and they are marked by a black flag with a skull on it.

Black Marketeers are willing to buy and sell contraband, which includes Pals, and humans.

Some of the Pals that Black Marketeers sell are very rare and powerful.

Where to find Black Marketeers?

palworld black marketeer locations

There are currently seven Black Marketeer locations in Palworld, spread across different regions and islands.

Here is a list of all the Black Marketeer locations, along with their coordinates and nearby fast travel points:

LocationDescriptionFast Travel LocationDirectionsCoordinates
Abandoned MineInside an abandoned mine near the Desolate Church.Desolate ChurchHead west off the cliff.(24, -417)
DuneshelterOutside the city of Duneshelter, near the city walls.DuneshelterHead south until you see a black flag.(350, 364)
Secret MineshaftInside a secret mineshaft near the Cove.Sealed Realm of the Winged TyrantHead west to the bamboo groves.(470, -272)
Mount Obsidian ShoreOn the shore of Mount Obsidian, near the Beach of Everlasting Summer.Beach of Everlasting SummerHead south along the beach.(-491, -531)
Ruined Fortress CityInside the Ruined Fortress City, near the central plaza.Ruined Fortress CityHead northwest until you see a black flag.(-607, -233)
Sealed Realm of the Frozen WingsIn the woods near the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings, where Penking lives.Sealed Realm of the Frozen WingsHead southeast until you see a black flag.(144, -362)
Icy Weasel HillOn the top of Icy Weasel Hill, near the Snowy Village.Snowy VillageHead north until you reach the peak of the hill.(-104, -614)

So that’s information about Palworld Black Marketeer Locations. I hope this helps as a reference.

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