How to Use Monster Hunter Now Redemption Codes

If you’re wondering about how to redeem Monster Hunter Now Codes? Read this article to understand the steps.

How to Easily Use Monster Hunter Now Redemption Codes

Monster Hunter Now occasionally provides redemption codes through our partnerships and special events.

These codes can be used to claim various items.

monster hunter now redemption codes

Here’s how to use Monster Hunter Now redemption codes on the website:

1. Go to the following website:

2. Choose “Sign In to Redeem” Log in using your Monster Hunter Now account credentials

3. Enter the offer code without any spaces

You can use the code ‘MHN5M’.

4. Now, run the Monster Hunter Now game on your Android/iPhone mobile device

5. After successfully redeeming the Monster Hunter Now code

Please note the following:

  • To redeem a code, you must have Google Login linked to your Monster Hunter Now account.
  • If you’re using only an Apple account, link your Google login within the app. Refer to our support article for details.
  • If you’ve reached the maximum item limit in your possession, you won’t be able to receive any more items. Consume some items in your possession and then try again.
  • Reselling or transferring redemption codes to third parties is prohibited.
  • Redemption codes may have expiration dates.

That’s the information on how to use Monster Hunter Now Redemption Code. Hopefully, it serves as a helpful reference.

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