What is ROF in Metal Slug Awakening? Here’s The Explanation

What does mean ‘ROF’ in the game Metal Slug Awakening? Here’s the explanation.

Metal Slug Awakening ROF Meaning

what is rof in metal slug awakening
what is rof in metal slug awakening

“RoF stands for Rate of Fire, which means the speed at which bullets are fired at enemy units.

In other online games, this concept is more known as Attack Speed.

In Metal Slug Awakening, you’ll come across the term ‘Rof” within the specialization sets for the Core Metal Slug Awakening, especially in the core units Mechanist and Jupiter King.

These cores are particularly well-suited for heroes who use weapons like HMG or Gatling guns.

For instance, heroes like Lyla and Marco in Metal Slug Awakening can make use of these cores.

So that’s information about meaning of Rof in Metal Slug Awakening I hope this helps as a reference.

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