How to Complete Surprise Attack in Metal Slug Awakening

In this article, you will learn the steps to finish the Surprise Attack mission in Metal Slug Awakening.

This mission is one of the challenges in the game that requires you to defeat a boss enemy.

Follow this guide to complete the mission successfully and earn rewards.

How to Complete Surprise Attack Mission in Metal Slug Awakening

complete 1 surprise attack metal slug awakening

Here is how to complete the surprise attack in Metal Slug Awakening:

1. Open the Metal Slug Awakening game on your Android/iPhone

2. Enter the Club

3. Choose “Abyssal Rift.”

4. Next, select “Crystal Tech” > choose “Resources.”

5. Then, upgrade the resource “Surprise Attack 1” to level 1 using Rift Crystals.

Make sure you have enough Rift Crystals to use it.

6. After that find and select a Level 0 territory from a distant club member

7. You can then choose the option “Surprise Attack.” To launch a surprise attack on the chosen area, it will cost you 30 sapphires.

What’s the Difference Between a Surprise Attack and a Regular Attack?

In the game Metal Slug Awakening, especially during the Abyssal Rift Event, there’s a difference between a surprise attack and a regular attack.

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A regular attack uses stamina, while a surprise attack costs 30 sapphires.

Additionally, with a surprise attack, you can occupy areas far from the ones you already control.

For instance, if you’ve already taken over areas near Fortress A, you can use a surprise attack to claim areas near Fortresses B, C, D, and so on.

It’s important to note that surprise attacks are limited to 3 times per season, but you can increase this limit by upgrading to level 2.

That’s the information on how to complete the Surprise Attack mission in Metal Slug Awakening. Hopefully, this serves as a helpful reference.

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