9+ Tips for Getting Started in Warcraft Rumble: A Guide

In this article, I’ll cover some essential tips for getting started with Warcraft Rumble, a mobile action-strategy game set in the iconic Warcraft universe.

This guide is designed to help both new and experienced players improve their gameplay. Whether you’re a professional newbie or a seasoned veteran, these tips will get you on the right track.

1. Utilize Unbound Units in Every Deck

Including at least one Unbound unit in your deck allows for flexibility in placement on the map, giving strategic advantages in different situations. You can identify Unbound units by checking their stats, which makes them valuable assets for distractions, damage, and boss battles.

2. Collect Gold First

In this game, collecting gold is necessary for creating units, so make sure to focus on it during matches.

You can use Cold Miners to collect gold, and don’t forget to protect them with additional units. Keeping your opponent from collecting gold is also a strategic move.

3. Complete Quests for Experience

Quests not only give your units experience points but also offer a different way to play instead of just PvP battles.

Watch for quest rewards, as they can give you different experience multipliers (3x or 5x) depending on the quest’s level.

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This way, you can level up your units effectively.

4. Benefit from AR Light Surges by participating in them

They’re special events that allow you to revisit maps you’ve already beaten and earn big gold rewards. Use the upgraded towers and meeting stones during surges to advance faster and strengthen your arsenal.

5. Strategically Split Lanes

This will help you win. During battles, splitting lanes can be crucial, especially when battling bosses with strong area-of-effect attacks.

Tailor your strategy to the boss’s strengths and weaknesses by using Unbound tanks and deploying at the appropriate times to maximize your approach.

6. Level Up Collection by Unlocking New Units

Focus on unlocking new units from the grid to increase your collection level passively.

This not only grants bonus experience but also contributes to leveling up your profile. Stick to unlocking new units, especially at the early stages of the game.

7. Take Advantage of Pausing

Use the pause feature strategically to scout the map and read unit abilities during battles.

This temporary pause allows you to absorb information without the pressure of ongoing combat, ensuring you make informed decisions.

8. Diversify Your Army

Create a well-rounded deck with a mix of melee, ranged, flying troops, and potentially a spell.

Deploy melee units first to absorb damage, followed by ranged and flying units. This diverse approach ensures you’re prepared for various in-game challenges.

9. Mastering the Grid

Understand the nuances of the grid where you buy and upgrade units. Explore unit descriptions and stats, take advantage of XP boost opportunities, and don’t hesitate to recycle the grid for a new set of cards.

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This ensures a dynamic and evolving strategy throughout your gameplay.


Whether you’re a new or experienced player in Warcraft Rumble. Discover the Warcraft Universe, modify your tactics, and aim to win your battles in Warcraft Rumble!

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