5 Easy Ways to Open Unsupported File Formats You Need to Try

Sometimes, you might come across files that your PC, laptop, or Android phone can’t open or support. This usually happens because you download files from the internet.

That have uncommon or incompatible formats. How can you open these unsupported files?

It turns out that we cannot open the file on our computer or phone after successfully downloading it.

We need to resolve this issue to access the file. For further information, please check the instructions below on how to fix photos and videos that cannot be opened. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Using Online File Format Conversion Sites

The first way to be able to open files that cannot be opened is by using file conversion on the website online.

For example, if you want to open a HEIC/HEIF file, you can use a site that provides online conversion of HEIC/HEIF files to JPG or PNG format.

This makes it possible for your computer or cellphone to open the file without any issues. If the file is a photo, you can view it in the file.

2. Install Supporting Applications

To open files that are not supported, install an application that can support that file format.

As an example, if you download Youtube videos and want to open an .mp4 video file, install VLC Media Player and unsupported video codecs.

This will enable your computer to run the video.

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3. Save in Another Format

To open supported file formats, you can save or export the edited video in a compatible file format for viewing on a laptop, PC, or cellphone.

This prevents the need to convert the file again later, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, videos typically have larger file sizes than photos.

4. Compress with Zip/RAR Files

The way to overcome file formats that cannot be opened on a PC is to outsmart it by compressing all these files into a folder.

Then you can create rar and zip files on your cellphone or rar and zip files on your PC/Laptop. This method also applies if you want to upload files on a website page, which only supports certain formats.

So, you can combine various file formats, whether they are videos, photos, or document files, into one folder in .ZIP or RAR format.

5. Restart and clear cache

Sometimes we might not be able to open file formats that are not supported due to system problems on either an Android phone or a Windows PC/laptop.

To fix this, restart the device you are using and turn it back on. Alternatively, you can clear the cache on both Android phones and Windows PCs/laptops.

That’s the article on how to open unsupported file formats. Hopefully it can help you.

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