3+ Best Websites to Create HD Photos with AI (Free)

HD photos are high-resolution images that show clear and sharp details.

HD photos are large and clear images. They require a good camera and a lot of space to store them.

But now I have new ways to make HD photos with AI. AI is a computer that can do things like humans. For example, it can recognize faces, change voices, or make pictures better.

There are some free websites that use AI to make HD photos online. You don’t need an app to use them. Here is the list:

There are several free online AI websites you can use to make HD photos without an application.

1. CapCut

CapCut is not only a popular video editing app, but also a website that offers AI tools to improve photo quality.

You can use the CapCut website to upload your photos and make them HD with AI.

Here’s how to make your photos HD with AI on the CapCut website:

  • Visit the website link https://www.capcut.com/id-id/ on your PC or laptop browser.
  • Log in to your CapCut account.
  • On the left menu, select “Magic Tools.”
  • Then choose “For Images.”
  • Utilize the tools available on CapCut to upload your photo and enhance its quality to HD.

2. AI Image Upscaler

This free online website enables you to increase photo resolution up to 4k using AI technology.

Allowing you to enlarge, refine, and enhance image details easily and quickly.

Simply visit the website link https://imgupscaler.com/:

  • Select “Upload Images.”
  • Choose an image from your phone gallery or computer storage.
  • Enhance the photo to HD on this website from 200% to 400%.
  • You can upload files in JPG or PNG formats.
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3. Upscale.media

This website can also improve the quality of your photos using AI technology. Allowing you to enlarge photos up to 8x without compromising their quality.

  • Visit the website link https://www.upscale.media/:
  • Upload your image file or paste the URL link.
  • Use an image resolution of up to 1,500 x 1,500 px.
  • Besides PNG and JPG formats, you can also upload files in WebP format.

4. PicWish

Several free online tools on the website https://picwish.com/ enable you to edit photos using AI technology.

You can remove backgrounds, clarify images, and generate AI backgrounds easily and quickly.

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