Why is there Gameplay Restricted in Monster Hunter Now?

Why does the “Gameplay Restricted” error appear in the Monster Hunter Now game? For those of you who are confused by the error, you can see the following explanation.

What is “Gameplay Restricted” in Monster Hunter Now?

Gameplay restricted due to detection of high traveling speed monster hunter now
Why is there Gameplay Restricted in Monster Hunter Now? 3

How It Works: The Mechanics

Monster Hunter Now utilizes your device’s GPS and accelerometer to track your speed. When your speed exceeds a certain threshold (typically around 10 km/h or 6 mph), the game will:

  1. Display a warning message that gameplay is restricted due to high speed.
  2. Limit your ability to interact with in-game elements, such as encountering monsters or collecting resources.
  3. Often, it will take some time after you slow down for gameplay to fully resume.

For you new players, who have just played the Monster Hunter Now game.

Maybe you are confused why the caption “Gameplay restricted due to detection of high traveling speed” and “Please refrain from playing while driving” appears.

Then the I am not a driver button will appear.

Well, after I experienced the effect of the description of the restricted gameplay

All monsters, items, materials, suddenly disappear from the map, and the map becomes blank or empty as a result of the caption.

So you can’t hunt monsters as long as the “gameplay restricted” notification appears.

But a few minutes later, it will become normal again, and we can hunt monsters again.

Causes of Gameplay Restricted Error in Monster Hunter Now:

  • Driving by car or motorcycle
  • Running at high speed
  • Inaccurate GPS positioning
  • Using Fake GPS Application

The point is that Gameplay Restricted is only temporary, and will disappear a few minutes later. And the cause can be various factors.

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So that’s the information about the restricted gameplay description in Monster Hunter Now. Hopefully it can help be a reference.

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