15+ Tips and Tricks for Metal Slug Awakening: A Beginner’s Guide

What are some tips and tricks for playing Metal Slug Awakening on mobile for Android/iPhone? Check out this article to learn how to play Metal Slug Awakening for beginners.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Metal Slug Awakening

The following are some tips for playing Metal Slug Awakening. Especially for those of you who are beginners, or don’t know how to play Metal slug Awakening before.

These tips also apply, for you veterans who used to play this game on consoles.

1. Controls and Movement in Metal Slug Awakening

tips metal slug awakening for beginners
tips metal slug awakening for beginners

The first Metal Slug Awakening tip is, you need to understand the gameplay or control mechanism in this game.

This game does have controls or mechanics that are not as complicated as other mobile games.

For example, move, aim, shoot.

“Metal Slug” is one of the video game series known as “run and gun” or “arcade-style shooter.”

So what Run and Gun means is that the player controls a character who can move right and left, while shooting at enemies that appear on the screen.

2. Enabling Auto Aim in Metal Slug Awakening

Metal Slug Awakening tips that are no less important, you can use the Auto Aim mode feature.

By activating Auto Aim mode, the game system automatically targets your character’s closest enemy.

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This means that when you run and the enemy is within range, your character will automatically shoot him without the need for manual input again

.For beginners, this feature is very important.

Here’s how to activate auto aim in metal slug awakening.

  • Go to Andrew’s town (Complete the Prologue Mission)
  • Next select the box menu in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Aim.
  • After that, check the Aim Mode section.

3. Complete the Prologue Mission

When you first create a new Metal Slug Awakening account, you’ll need to complete the prologue mission first.

Along the way, you will defeat Conga, after which you will see the character Rumi who has been waiting for you for a long time.

Later Rumi will take you by plane to the headquarters of the Commanders – Andrew City.

In Andrew’s Town you will meet characters from other players on the same server, as well as unlock some modes and features in the Metal Slug Awakening game.

4. Dodging Attacks

tips metal slug awakening for beginners
15+ Tips and Tricks for Metal Slug Awakening: A Beginner's Guide 7

As explained in the previous Metal Slug Awakening tips. Avoiding attacks in this game is very important.

So you have to know the moment where you have to avoid attacks.

In addition, you can also understand one of the character or hero skills in this game.

For example, like hero Nadia, you can use her Ultimate Skill to avoid enemy attacks from other players (PVP) or monsters (PVE).

5. Understanding Stamina in Metal Slug Awakening game

explain stamina recovery in metal slug awakening
15+ Tips and Tricks for Metal Slug Awakening: A Beginner's Guide 8

You also need to know that, in this game there are several modes that require stamina and also do not need stamina.

Examples of modes that require stamina are Joint Operations, Carnival Arcade, Story or Main Mission.

Examples of modes that do not require stamina, namely Hot Ambition, Main Arena, Main Battle, Maze.

6. Understanding Debuff Status in games

You also need to know for you new players or beginners, that there are 4 types of elements in this game, namely Weak, Freeze, Wound and Ignite.

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This element is also called in the game called Debuff status.

To get the maximum damage combo, you must combine 3 different debuff statuses in 1 team.

So three characters or heroes in the Metal Slug Awakening game in 1 team, must have different types of debuff status weapons.

7. Choosing a Hero Type in Metal Slug Awakening

metal slug awakening character tips
metal slug awakening character tips

Characters in the Metal Slug Awakening game can be grouped into two main types, namely Firepower and Warfare.

  • Firepower is a type of hero that is capable of dealing massive damage to enemies, making it perfect as a damage dealer or DPS.
  • Warfare on the other hand, is a type of hero that can provide additional power to themselves and their friends, making them a good choice as a support to maximize the DMG generated by Firepower-type heroes.

It is recommended to pick at least 1 Firepower hero and 2 Warfare heroes for the balance of your team.

8. Important Hero Attributes

Each hero has different attributes, such as Debuff Damage, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Ignore Deff.

You can view these attributes in the Hero menu, located at the bottom right of the screen.

Choose the attributes that suit your style of play to strengthen your hero or character’s abilities.

You can see the recommended attributes in the bottom right corner.

9. Hero Talents and Choosing the Right Weapon

Hero talents can be activated by selecting a weapon with the appropriate Debuff status.

For example, Haran needs a weapon with Debuff Freeze status to activate his talent.

Choose a weapon with an Debuff status that suits your hero’s needs.

10. Equip and Accessories

Equip has fixed attributes such as Attack, HP, and Deff, as well as random attributes such as Crit DMG, Crit DMG Resist, and others.

Choose Equip and Customize Accessories based on the hero you are using to optimize your team’s performance.

11. Proper Weapon Selection

Each weapon has Debuff Status such as Weak, Wound, Ignite, and Freeze which can give Debuff Conditions to the enemy.

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Choosing a weapon with the appropriate Debufff Status will greatly affect your game.

For example, Haran will be more effective if he uses a weapon with Freeze Status, activating the Freeze effect on his skills and giving a bigger DMG Freeze to the enemy.

Make sure you choose a weapon that matches your hero.

12. Core Functions in Metal Slug Awakening game

In the Metal Slug Awakening game, the artifacts used to strengthen your hero are called cores:

  • Cores are one of the most important factors in the game, to increase your character’s AP.
  • You can install up to 6 Cores on each Weapon.
  • Cores have Set specializations for 2 Sets and 4 Sets, which vary for each Core.
  • The attributes of the Cores can be customized with your hero’s attributes to enhance their abilities.
  • Make sure you choose the attribute buff on the Weapon Core that matches your hero’s attributes.

13. Increase AP in Metal Slug Awakening

tips metal slug awakening naikin ap
15+ Tips and Tricks for Metal Slug Awakening: A Beginner's Guide 9

AP can also be called Army Power or Attack Power, which is the total power in your team.

Where of course the bigger your AP, indicating that your team characters are stronger with other players.

AP is also a requirement when you enter several modes in the Metal Slug Awakeing game.

Tips: Upgrade the level of weapons, equip, accessories, cores to increase AP on your hero or character in Metal Slug Awakening.

14. Gacha Weapons and Characters in Metal Slug Awakening

You can gacha characters and weapons in Metal Slug Awakening.

To be able to gacha, you need an item called Alloy Pickaxe, which you can get from daily missions, as well as several modes and story missions.

To get this item, of course, you can get it for free (f2p), or paid (top up).

15. Weekly Daily Reset in Metal Slug Awakening

For those of you who might ask what time the daily reset is. Well, this game uses the GMT+8 time division system

So for those of you who are in GMT+7.

This means 1 hour faster than the time in the game.

Then when is the daily reset? The answer is 5:00 am. But because we use GMT +7. So the daily reset is at 04.00 AM.

Well, for the weekly reset is on Monday at 05.00 AM.

You can also see the clock time in the game, precisely in the upper left corner next to the mini map.

So that’s the information about tips and tricks for playing Metal Slug Awakening for beginners. Hopefully it can help be a reference.

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