How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld PC

Palworld, the enchanting world of Pals, offers a treasure trove of resources and adventures.

None are more mysterious or coveted than the elusive parts of ancient civilisations. These rare artefacts are essential for crafting powerful equipment and technologies, but how and where do you find them?

In this guide, we’ll look at their uses and the best ways to acquire these precious fragments of history.

What Are Ancient Civilization Parts?

Think of ancient civilization parts as blueprints from a forgotten age. They’re crucial puzzle pieces for unlocking some of Palworld’s greatest inventions.

Here’s what they can help you build:

  • Grappling Guns: Explore the world with unprecedented freedom, scaling cliffs and reaching hidden areas with ease.
  • Egg Incubator: Nurture rare Pals from eggs – a must-have for any serious collector.
  • Mega, Giga, and Hyper Shields: Craft these powerful defenses to withstand attacks from the toughest creatures Palworld has to offer.
  • High-Tech Weapons: Gain an edge in combat with advanced weapons that surpass those crafted through standard methods.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Your quest for ancient civilization parts will focus on these primary sources:

  • Alpha Pals: These formidable creatures roam the world, identified by their imposing size and red skull health indicator. Each victory or capture over an Alpha Pal guarantees a drop of ancient civilization parts.
  • Dungeon Bosses: Descend into the depths of Palworld’s numerous caves, where powerful bosses await. Defeat these guardians to potentially earn ancient civilization parts among other rewards.
  • Lucky Pals: These rare, glowing Pals bring good fortune. Successfully capturing or defeating a Lucky Pal rewards you not only with a potentially awesome Pal but also with ancient civilization parts.
  • Rare Chests: Be sure to explore thoroughly, as chests hidden throughout the world sometimes contain these precious components.
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Expert Tips for Efficient Ancient Civilization Parts Farming

  • Master the Map: Learn where Alpha Pals and dungeons spawn. Check online resources like Palworld wikis and community forums for maps and guides.
  • Build a Powerful Team: Challenging bosses and Alpha Pals requires a strong team of Pals. Focus on leveling, type advantages, and diversifying your Pal skills.
  • Healer Pals are Key: Battles can be tough. Bring Pals with healing abilities to keep your team fighting fit.
  • Prioritize Bosses: While Lucky Pals are tempting, focus on Alphas and dungeon bosses for the most reliable ancient civilization parts drops.
  • Persistence Pays Off: This is a resource that requires dedication. Keep exploring, battling, and your stockpile of ancient civilization parts will steadily grow.


Where can I find a map of Alpha Pal spawns?

Community-made maps are your best resource. Check Palworld forums or online resources. You can check this link

Is there a limit to how many ancient civilization parts I can obtain?

Thankfully, no! Keep hunting those Alphas and bosses to your heart’s content.

The journey to collect pieces of ancient civilisations is an exciting one in Palworld.

Armed with this knowledge and determination, you’ll soon be able to build up your inventory and unlock incredible advancements to enhance your gameplay experience.

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