5+ Best Hammer Builds in Monster Hunter Now (MH Now)

The Hammer isn’t just about brute force, it’s about timing and positioning.

Unlock the true potential of this devastating weapon with this guide to the best Hammer builds in Monster Hunter Now.

We’ll cover builds for raw damage, elemental mastery, and everything in between!

1. Best Build Armor for Hammer Players MH Now (Before Anjanath)

monster hunter now hammer build

The Hammer is a simple weapon, you charge and hit the monster on the head with the large, blunt end. It’s the only weapon that can efficiently knockout the monster, and it has a fun spinning special move.

Here are some armor sets for Hammer weapons created from the largest Monsters in Monster Hunter Now.

ArmorSkill and Grade
Kulu Ya-Ku HelmetG2 Lock On 1, G4 Critical Eye 1
Leather MailG2 Attack Boost, G4 Fire Resistance
Great Girros VambracesG2 Sneak Attack1 , G6 Earplugs 1
Leather CoilG2 Health Boost 1, G4 Water Resistance
Kulu Ya-Ku GreavesG2 Critical Eye 1, G6 Critical Eye 2

2. Best Build Armor for Hammer Players MH Now (Mid Game)

monster hunter now hammer build 2

Kulu Ya-Ku Helmet
Pukei-Pukei Mail
Kulu Ya-Ku Vambraces
Great Jagras Coil
Kulu Ya-Ku Greaves

3. Best Build Armor for Hammer Players MH Now (End Game)

monster hunter now hammer build 3

When you have defeated the Rathalos monster. Here are some armor sets for Hammer weapons created from the largest Monsters in Monster Hunter Now

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Kulu Ya-Ku Helmet
Rathalos Mail
Kulu Ya-Ku Vambraces
Rathalos Coil
Kulu Ya-Ku Greaves

4. Best Hammer Weapons Choices in Monster Hunter Now

Weapon ChoiceMonsterDescription
Kulu Beak Kulu-Ya-KuThis is a strong contender for early progression, as it has high raw damage and affinity.
Affinity is the chance of dealing extra damage with a critical hit. This is an excellent choice to start your journeywith the Hammer.
Blooming Hammer PukeiThis is another powerful early game progression tool. It has the same raw damage as Kulu and Ore Hammers, but it also has the added benefit of poison.
Poison can inflict damage over time to the monster. It also has a unique appearance that looks like a giant feather duster.
Girros Hammer GirrosParalysis is a status effect that immobilizes the monster for a short time.
This allows for a double stun setup, which can be very fun and entertaining in multiplayer. However, this weapon has low raw damage and is not very practic
Diablos Sledge DiablosThis is the best generalist Raw option for the Hammer. It has very high base raw damage, which is higher than Kulu’s effective raw. Effective raw is the raw damage after accounting for affinity and other factors.

It also has no negative affinity, which means it has no chance of doing less damage with a weak hit. It is a powerful choice at grade 5 with 512 raw damage.

However, it is not as good as specialized elemental setups, which can do more damage to monsters that are weak to certain elements.
Thunder Hammer Tobi-KadachiThis is the only Hammer that has the Thunder element. It is ideal for fighting monsters that are weak to Thunder, such as the Raths.

The Raths are a group of flying wyverns that include Rathalos and Rathian.

They are vulnerable to Thunder on their wings and head.
Aqua Hammer Jyuratodus This is a Hammer that has the Water element. It is effective against monsters that are weak to Water, such as Kulu-Ya-Ku, Great Girros, Tobi-Kadachi, and Anjanath. It is a good elemental choice for defeating these monsters quickly
Blazing Hammer AnjanathThis is a Hammer that has the Fire element. It is a good choice for fighting monsters that are weak to Fire, such as Legiana.

5. Best Elemental Sets for Hammer in Monster Hunter Now

Elemental Hammer SetMonsterHeadpieceMailVambracesCoilGreaves
FireAnjanathAnja Helm (Grade 4)Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)Anja Vambraces (Grade 6)Rathalos Coil (Grade 6)Kulu Greaves (Grade 6)
WaterJyuratodusKulu Headpiece (Grade 4)Jyura Mail (Grade 3)Jyura Vambraces (Grade 6)Rath Heart Coil (Grade 6)Jagras Greaves (Grade 6)
ThunderZinogreKulu Headpiece (Grade 4)Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)Zinogre Vambraces (Grade 6)Kadachi Coil (Grade 6)Zinogre Greaves (Grade 6)
IceBariothKulu Headpiece (Grade 6)Barioth Mail (Grade 6)Barioth Vambraces (Grade 6)Legiana Coil (Grade 6)Rathalos Greaves (Grade 6)

So that’s information about best Hammer builds for Monster Hunter Now. I hope this helps as a reference.

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