7+ Best Bow Builds in Monster Hunter Now (Armor MH Now)

Unlock your full potential in Monster Hunter World with the ultimate bow build! This guide covers everything you need to know, from the best bows to use to the perfect armour set to equip.

Get ready to dominate the hunt with this elite bow build, designed to maximise your damage and effectiveness in-game.

Let’s dive in and enhance your Monster Hunter Now journey

1. Best Build Armor for Bow Players MH Now (Before Anjanath)

monster hunter now bow build best

The bow is a great weapon for players who use full gyro controls.

It is currently the best weapon in Monster Hunter Now, as long as it is used effectively. The only drawback is its weak special ability.

Here are some armor sets for bow weapons created from the largest Monsters in Monster Hunter Now.

ArmorSkill and Grade
Pukei HelmetG2 Focus, G4 Health Boost, G6 Health Boost 2
Leather MailG2 Attack Boost, G4 Fire Resistance
Great Girros VambracesG2 Sneak Attack1 , G6 Earplugs 1
Leather CoilG2 Health Boost 1, G4 Water Resistance
Jyurotadus GreavesG3 Focus 1, G4 Last Stand 1, G6 Focus 2

2. Best Build Armor for Bow Players MH Now (Mid Game)

monster hunter now bow build best mid game

Pukei Helmet
Pukei Mail
Kulu-Ya-Ku Vambraces
Great Jagras Coil
Jyurotadus Greaves

3. Best Build Armor for Bow Players MH Now (End Game)

monster hunter now bow build best end game

When you have defeated the Rathalos monster. Here are some armor sets for Bow weapons created from the largest Monsters in Monster Hunter Now

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Pukei Helmet
Pukei Mail
Kulu-Ya-Ku Vambraces
Rathalos Coil
Jyurotadus Greaves

4. Best Bow Weapons Choices in Monster Hunter Now

Kulu ArrowKulu Ya-KuDecent power and compatibility but using pierce shots can be difficult early in the game, against monster that resist pierce attacks.
Blooming ArchPukeiA top pick for players who like using one bow. We suggest pairing it with a Focus 4 Burst 3 or Focus 5 Burst 2 setup for extra power, faster charging, and reliable strength all game long because of its poison abilities.
Pulsar BowTobi-KadachiPrimarily a thunder-based bow, but the pierce shot type and low stats, limited to Thunder Attack 3, can make it challenging. It’s a reasonable option until December for thunder-based gameplay.
Aqua ArrowJyuraA standard water-based bow choice.
RathslingerRathalosThis fire weapon is likely the best choice and stronger than Anja if one can effectively use pierce shots. It is especially good against monsters like Great Jagras and Barroth. However, it may not be suitable for certain fights, such as against Kirin, where fire pierce shots might not work.
Blazing BowAnjaA simpler and easier-to-use option for firing is available as an alternative to Rathalos’ bow. It’s a great option, especially for those who have difficulties with pierce shots.
Glacial ArrowLegianaThe sole Ice bow on offer is fast with impressive capabilities; however, it can only achieve Ice Attack Level 3.
Diablos BowDiablosThe Diablos Bow deals the most damage out of all fast bows. Although it’s a powerful option, its difficult farming requirements might make investing in a Pukei setup with a Focus 4 Burst 3 more reasonable, as it can perform just as well or better than the Diablos Bow in certain situations.
GalebenderBlack DiablosCurrently, you cannot farm this bow easily. It provides a potent pierce raw option but is challenging to obtain. Thus, it is a niche choice given the difficulty of farming.

5. Best Elemental Sets for Bow in Monster Hunter Now

Elemental Bow SetMonsterHeadpieceMailVambracesCoilGreaves
FireRathalosAnja Helm (Grade 4)Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)Anja Vambraces (Grade 6)Rathalos Coil (Grade 6)Jyura Greaves (Grade 6)
WaterJyuratodusPukei Hood (Grade 2)Jyura Mail (Grade 3)Jyura Vambraces (Grade 6)Rathalos Coil (Grade 5)Jagras Greaves (Grade 6)
ThunderTobi-Kadachi/ZinogrePukei Helm (Grade 4)Kadachi Mail (Grade 4)Zinogre Vambraces (Grade 6)Kadachi Coil (Grade 6)Jyura Greaves (Grade 6)
IceLegiana/BariothPukei Hood (Grade 4)Barioth Mail (Grade 6)Barioth Vambraces (Grade 6)Legiana Coil (Grade 5)Jyura Greaves (Grade 6)
DragonPink RathianPukei Hood (Grade 2)Pink Rathian Mail (Grade 6)Rathian Vambraces (Grade 6)Rathalos Coil (Grade 6)Jyura Greaves (Grade 6)

Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Diablos Bow build in Monster Hunter Now

This guide is designed to help both new players and seasoned hunters optimise their builds for maximum efficiency when taking down the game’s most formidable monsters.

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The power of upgrade

Our journey begins with upgrading the Black Diablo Bow to level 8.1. This significant upgrade allows the bow to kill all eight-star monsters, setting the stage for an exploration of the most effective build strategies.

Building the perfect bow

Initial experiments began with Focus 5 and Burst 2, but it quickly became clear that Focus 3 was the way to go. This tweak allows for an optimal charge level, making room for damage-enhancing skills without sacrificing efficiency.

Analysing damage builds

The first build:
Combines Focus 3 with Weakness Exploit 2, Burst 2, and Critical Eye 2 for a positive 10 affinity to monster weaknesses.

This build opts for higher affinity at the expense of raw damage, sacrificing one level of Burst.

The second build:

Emphasises raw damage with Focus 3, Burst 3, and Weakness Exploit 2.

Despite having a negative affinity, this build excels in offensive power thanks to the Burst bonus, illustrating the critical role of raw damage over affinity.
The Calculations Unveiled

A complex analysis of offensive power reveals the nuanced balance between weapon damage, burst bonuses, and critical hit probabilities.

These calculations show that even a small 5% difference in burst can have a significant impact on overall damage output.

Skill Level: A Key Factor
Recognising the variance in player skill, damage output was calculated based on the probability of hitting weak points.

This approach highlights how player skill can dramatically affect the effectiveness of a build.

Recommendations for Hunters
For Hunters using the Black Diablo Bow, the recommended build is Focus 3, Burst 3, Weakness Exploit 2.

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This recommendation may evolve with the introduction of new armour pieces or personal preference, especially for Hunters who focus on breaking parts.

What armor set is recommended for Bow user in Monster Hunter Now?

Here’s a summary of the recommended armor sets for Bow users:

Early Game Build

Armor PieceGradeSkills
Pukei HoodGrade 2Focus Lv. 1
Jagras MailGrade 2Rising Tide Lv.1
Girros VambracesGrade 2Sneak Attack Lv.1
Leather BeltGrade 2Health Boost Lv.1
Kulu GreavesGrade 2Critical Eye Lv.1

Raw Build (For Endgame)

Armor PieceGradeSkills
Pukei HoodGrade 6Focus Lv. 1, Health Boost Lv. 2
Rathalos MailGrade 6Weakness Exploit Lv. 2
Kulu VambracesGrade 4Last Stand Lv. 1, Critical Eye Lv. 1
Banbaro CoilGrade 6Attack Boost Lv. 2, Firm Foothold Lv. 1
Jyura GreavesGrade 6Focus Lv. 2, Last Stand Lv. 1

Elemental Builds

Build TypeWeaponATKAFFELEKey Armor Skills
Early GameBlooming Arch1000%Focus, Rising Tide, Sneak Attack, Health Boost, Critical Eye
Raw (Endgame)Diablos Bow5120%NoneFocus, Health Boost, Weakness Exploit, Last Stand, Critical Eye, Attack Boost, Firm Foothold
WaterAqua Arrow3700%181Focus, Health Boost, Poison Resistance, Water Attack
FireRathslinger3610%232Fire Attack, Weakness Exploit, Focus
ThunderUsurper’s Rumble3610%232Focus, Health Boost, Evade Extender, Thunder Attack
IceGlacial Arrow3610%232Divine Blessing, Ice Attack, Weakness Exploit, Windproof

Q: What is the best bow for Black Diablos?

A: The Diablos Coilbender is highly recommended due to its high raw damage output, making it particularly effective against the Black Diablos when paired with the right skills.

Q: How do you counter Black Diablos’ charge attack?

A: Dodge to the side as it begins its charge. If timed correctly, you’ll avoid damage and position yourself for a counter-attack. Utilizing the Evasion Mantle can also provide an extra window for evading.

Q: Can the Black Diablos bow build be used for other monsters?

A: Absolutely. While this build is optimized for the Black Diablos, its balance of damage, mobility, and stamina management makes it effective against a wide range of monsters in Monster Hunter Now.

So that’s information about best Bow builds for Monster Hunter Now. I hope this helps as a reference.

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