3+ Best Bow Builds in Monster Hunter Now (You Must Know)

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Best Build Armor for Bow Players (Before Anjanath)

The bow is a great weapon for players who use full gyro controls. It is currently the best weapon in Monster Hunter Now, as long as it is used effectively. The only drawback is its weak special ability.

monster hunter now bow build early game
ArmorSkill and Grade
Pukei HelmetG2 Focus, G4 Health Boost, G6 Health Boost 2
Leather MailG2 Attack Boost, G4 Fire Resistance
Great Girros VambracesG2 Sneak Attack1 , G6 Earplugs 1
Leather CoilG2 Health Boost 1, G4 Water Resistance
Jyurotadus GreavesG3 Focus 1, G4 Last Stand 1, G6 Focus 2

Best Bow Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

Kulu ArrowKulu Ya-KuDecent power and compatibility but using pierce shots can be difficult early in the game, against monster that resist pierce attacks.
Blooming ArchPukeiA top pick for players who like using one bow. We suggest pairing it with a Focus 4 Burst 3 or Focus 5 Burst 2 setup for extra power, faster charging, and reliable strength all game long because of its poison abilities.
Pulsar BowTobi-KadachiPrimarily a thunder-based bow, but the pierce shot type and low stats, limited to Thunder Attack 3, can make it challenging. It’s a reasonable option until December for thunder-based gameplay.
Aqua ArrowJyuraA standard water-based bow choice.
RathslingerRathalosThis fire weapon is likely the best choice and stronger than Anja if one can effectively use pierce shots. It is especially good against monsters like Great Jagras and Barroth. However, it may not be suitable for certain fights, such as against Kirin, where fire pierce shots might not work.
Blazing BowAnjaA simpler and easier-to-use option for firing is available as an alternative to Rathalos’ bow. It’s a great option, especially for those who have difficulties with pierce shots.
Glacial ArrowLegianaThe sole Ice bow on offer is fast with impressive capabilities; however, it can only achieve Ice Attack Level 3.
Diablos BowDiablosThe Diablos Bow deals the most damage out of all fast bows. Although it’s a powerful option, its difficult farming requirements might make investing in a Pukei setup with a Focus 4 Burst 3 more reasonable, as it can perform just as well or better than the Diablos Bow in certain situations.
GalebenderBlack DiablosCurrently, you cannot farm this bow easily. It provides a potent pierce raw option but is challenging to obtain. Thus, it is a niche choice given the difficulty of farming.

Best Build Armor for Bow Players (Mid Game)

monster hunter now bow build mid game

Best Build Armor for Bow Players (End Game)

monster hunter now bow build end game

You can find other build guides here:

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So that’s information about best Bow builds for Monster Hunter Now. I hope this helps as a reference.

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