Monster Hunter Now: How to Use Lock On (Easy Ways)

Monster Hunter Now is a mobile game that lets you hunt monsters from the Monster Hunter universe in the real world.

You can craft weapons and armor from the materials you get by defeating them, to improve your character’s equipment.

However, what makes Monster Hunter Now so different is that you can use the lock-on system, which can make it easier for us to hunt strong monsters.

The lock-on system in Monster Hunter Now allows us to target specific parts of the monster, which can speed up the process of destroying them. This feature makes hunting more tactical and strategic.

It is important to note that this lock-on feature is not available in the early stages of the game.

To unlock this ability, you need to craft a Kulu headpiece, as the lock-on ability is only found on this helmet.

But, if you can defeat Black Diablos, you can get the Black Diablos Coil to unlock the Lock-On skill.

How to Make a Kulu Headpiece in Monster Hunter Now

monster hunter now lock on armor

To craft a level 1 Kulu Headpiece, you need 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku Hides, 2 Monster Bone S, and 10 Zenny.

You can obtain the Kulu-Ya-Ku Hides by hunting the Kulu-Ya-Ku multiple times, while the “Monster Bone S” can be found by gathering bone piles scattered throughout the map.

After upgrading the Kulu Headpiece to level 2, you can also use the equipment’s Lock-On ability.

To upgrade the helmet to level 2, you need to collect more materials and resources from the Kulu-Ya-Ku.

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How to Use Lock-On in Monster Hunter Now

how to use lock on in monster hunter now

When hunting monsters, all you need to do is press the Lock-On icon. This will highlight certain parts of the monster that you want to target.

Then you just attack the locked part of the monster and try to destroy it to get additional materials.

If you want to deactivate the Lock-On ability, you simply press the Lock-On icon again.
Please note that the Lock-On ability of the Kulu Headpiece makes this equipment very useful, especially at the beginning of the game, as it can make the hunting process easier and faster than usual.

So that’s information about how to use Lock On in Monster Hunter Now Mobile. I hope this helps as a reference.

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