3+ Best Great Sword Builds in Monster Hunter Now (Must Know)

Want to know the best Great Sword builds for Monster Hunter Now? Read the article here.

Best Build Armor for Great Sword Players (Before Anjanath)

The Great Sword is a powerful weapon that can deal massive damage with its charged attacks.

But it also has drawbacks, such as its slow speed and its clash with the health system’s playstyle. It requires skill and timing to use it.

monster hunter now great sword build early game
ArmorSkill and Grade
Kulu Ya-Ku HelmetG2 Lock On 1, G4 Critical Eye 1
Leather MailG2 Attack Boost, G4 Fire Resistance
Great Girros VambracesG2 Sneak Attack1 , G6 Earplugs 1
Leather CoilG2 Health Boost 1, G4 Water Resistance
Jyurotadus GreavesG3 Focus 1, G4 Last Stand 1, G6 Focus 2

Best Great Sword Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

The list below shows elemental great sword weapons you can find in the game Monster Hunter Now:

Weapon ChoiceMonsterDescription
Blooming Blade PukeiA good choice, like other Pukei weapons. It has the same basic material as Ore, with added poison, which makes it a good option.
Girros Blade GirrosA good option if you can work with Paralysis as a strategy. It gives you a lengthy opportunity to evade and strike a powerful True Charge Slash (non-special) on the monster’s vulnerable spot.
Carapace Buster BarrothUnfortunately, currently the Great Sword with the highest raw power has lower damage than other weapons. However, it is still the best option if you prioritize pure damage.
Thunder Blade Tobi-KadachiThe only Thunder Great Sword that is currently available. It is perfect for using against Jyura or the Raths when elemental attacks are needed.
Aqua Slasher JyuratodusYour Water Greatsword is superior to the Jagras version. By investing in elemental damage, it becomes the primary Water Greatsword.
Freeze Blade LegianaThe Ice Great Sword is especially good against Diablos. Even though it’s not used much, it has great stats.
Flame Blade RathalosIt has better stats and looks more attractive than Anjanath. The preferred Great Sword for fire battles is the Fire GS. It’s ideal for displaying your skills in the 1000 degree Great Sword challenge.

Best Build Armor for Great Sword Players (Mid Game)

monster hunter now great sword build mid game

Best Build Armor for Great Sword Players (End Game)

You can find other build guides here:

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So that’s information about best Great Sword for Monster Hunter Now. I hope this helps as a reference.

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