How to Get Astegon in Palworld PC (Breeding Combos)

Palworld is a game where you can explore, craft, and breed different kinds of pals, which are monsters that have unique abilities and personalities.

One of the most powerful pals in the game is Astegon, a dragon-like pal that can fly, breathe fire, and do handiwork and mining.

In this article, I will show you how to get Astegon early or in the endgame, also how to breed Astegon in Palworld.

What is Astegon and Why is it So Good?

how to ride astegon in palworld

Astegon is a rare pal that belongs to the fire and earth elements. It has a red and black body, horns, wings, and a long tail.

It is one of the few pals that can fly, which gives it an advantage in exploration and combat.

It can also breathe fire, which makes it a formidable opponent against enemies that are weak to fire.

Astegon is not only good for fighting, but also for crafting and building.

It has a handiwork level of one and a mining level of four, which means it can help you gather resources and create items faster.

It can also wear a saddle, which allows you to ride it and control its movements.

However, the saddle is only available at level 47, so you will need to level up your Character before you can enjoy this technology.

How to Get Astegon Early or in the Endgame in Palworld

how to breed astegon palworld

Astegon is not a pal that you can find in the wild. You can only get it by breeding two other pals: Orserk and Grizzbolt.

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Orserk is a pal that looks like a blue ox with horns and a tail. Grizzbolt is a pal that looks like a brown bear with a mane and claws.

Both of them are common pals that you can encounter in different areas of the game.

To get Astegon, you need to have a male Orserk and a female Grizzbolt, or vice versa.

how to breeding astegon palworld

You also need to have a breeding ranch, which is a facility that allows you to breed your pals and produce eggs.

You can build a breeding ranch in your base or find one in some towns.

Once you have the breeding ranch, you need to put your Orserk and Grizzbolt in it and wait for them to produce an egg.

This may take some time, depending on the compatibility and mood of your pals. You can speed up the process by giving them some cake, which is a food item that increases their affection.

You can make cake in your kitchen or buy it from some shops.

When the egg is ready, you need to hatch it in an incubator, which is another facility that you can build or find in the game.

The incubator will keep the egg warm and safe until it hatches.

The hatching time may vary depending on the type of the egg. In this case, the egg will be a huge dragon egg, which will take longer than usual to hatch.

When the egg hatches, you will get your Astegon.

You can now name it, customize it, and train it to become even stronger.

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You can also breed it with other pals to create new combinations and variations.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Astegon in Palworld

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get Astron easier and faster:

  • You can get Orserk by breeding a Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt. Relaxasaurus is a pal that looks like a green dinosaur with a long neck and tail. You can find it in the forest or the swamp areas of the game.
  • You can get Grizzbolt by exploring the mountain or the cave areas of the game. You can also buy it from some traders or pal shops.
  • You can use website palworld breeding combo calculator to easy create new combinations and variations to get Astegon.

Astegon Breeding Combo Calculator in Palworld

You can use this combination or variation to get Astegon in your breeding:

First PalSecond PalResult
GrizzboltFrostallion NoctAstegon
JormuntideSuzaku AquaAstegon
Jormuntide IgnisBlazamutAstegon
SuzakuPyrin NoctAstegon
SuzakuRelaxaurus LuxAstegon
SuzakuMammorest CrystAstegon
Suzaku AquaRelaxaurusAstegon
Suzaku AquaRelaxaurus LuxAstegon
Suzaku AquaMammorestAstegon
Suzaku AquaMammorest CrystAstegon
Suzaku AquaMenastingAstegon
Pyrin NoctFrostallion NoctAstegon
Pyrin NoctShadowbeakAstegon
Pyrin NoctJetragonAstegon
Pyrin NoctPaladiusAstegon
Pyrin NoctNecromusAstegon
CryolinxLyleen NoctAstegon
Ice ReptyroFrostallion NoctAstegon
Ice ReptyroShadowbeakAstegon
Ice ReptyroJetragonAstegon
Ice ReptyroPaladiusAstegon
Ice ReptyroNecromusAstegon
Relaxaurus LuxShadowbeakAstegon
Relaxaurus LuxNecromusAstegon
FrostallionLyleen NoctAstegon
Frostallion NoctLyleen NoctAstegon
Frostallion NoctBeakonAstegon
Frostallion NoctHelzephyrAstegon
Mammorest CrystBlazamutAstegon
Lyleen NoctJetragonAstegon
Lyleen NoctPaladiusAstegon

So that’s information about how to get Astegon in Palworld, also how to Breed Astegon in Palworld. I hope this helps as a reference.

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