Palworld PC/Laptop Full Size Windows (Steam/Xbox Game Pass)

Curious about how much storage size Palworld required on your Computer? This article will provide you with the download and full-size details for this popular game on Xbox Game Pass or Steam.

Total Size Palworld PC All Platforms

What is the size of the download for Palworld PC? You can see the information in the table below.

PlatformPallworld PC Size
Steam Store20 G+
Xbox Game Pass16 GB

Full Size Palworld PC on Xbox Game Passs

full size pallworld pc game pass steam
full size palworld pc

If you’re curious about how much space the game Palworld will take up on your computer’s hard drive once it’s installed, here are some details you might want to know.

On the Xbox Game Pass version, the total size of the game data will take up approximately 16.3GB of space. It’s worth noting that with future updates, this size could increase to over 3-4GB, depending on the content and features added by the developer.

Full Size Palworld PC on Steam Store

full size palworld steam windows pc

Meanwhile, the Palword version installed on the Steam Store takes up 2.69 GB of space.

As you know, the Xbox version and the Steam Store version are very different. One of them is the latest version of patch updates.

Steam users will receive updates faster than Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass version.

Palworld is currently in Early Access, which means that the game is not complete and may change.

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The developer plans to improve the quality of the game by making various improvements throughout the Early Access period of at least one year.

So that’s the information about Palworld PC Full Size. I hope it helps as a reference.

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