Top 11+ Guide Core Weapons in Metal Slug Awakening

What are the guide recommended weapon cores in Metal Slug Awakening? Read this article to learn tips for choosing the right core for your weapons in the game Metal Slug Awakening.

Tips for Choosing the Right Weapon Cores in Metal Slug Awakening

In the game Metal Slug Awakening, besides matching the weapons with the hero you want to use.

You also need to know which cores are suitable for the weapons you’re using.

You can find the complete list below.

NoWeapon TypeWeapon NameCore Recommendation
1SniperEclipseSilence, Mechanist, Sea Satan
2Gatling GunSky RipperDragon Nosuke, Mechanist, Hairbuster Riberts, Glonar
3Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
Dragon Nosuke, Mechanist, Hairbuster Riberts
4ShotgunHowlerCauldron, Silence, Sea Satan, Space Tank
5Freeze GunIcebound Deity
Space Tank, Volmes, Cauldron
6Flame ShotMoltorConga, Fallwalker, Steelworm Destroyer
7BazookaTerra ShrillFallwalker, Steelworm Destroyer, Union One
8.Heavy Boxing GunBoxing GunCauldron, Volmes, Space Tank, Silence
9Blade Saw LauncherSaw LauncherFirefly, Mechanist, Dragon Nosuke, Silence
10ChainbladeGolden EagleUnyielding Warior Core, Iron Master Mind, Girida O Core
11Fission GunUnderworld GazeJoin Operation 3, Steel Worm Destroyer, JO 1

The recommendations above should not be considered as an inflexible rule of thumb.

Because the strategies and builds can be customized for each player in the game Metal Slug Awakening.

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You can delete the core from the weapon if you do not need it.

Tier List Weapons in Metal Slug Awakening

Here’s a list of the best weapons in the metal slug awakening game:

Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
RagewingS LegendaryWeak
Vortex HMGEpicWeak
Spark HMGRareWeak
Assault HMGExcellentWeak
Rapid Machine GunNormalWeak
Rookie Machine GunPemulaWeak


Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
Sky RipperS LegendaryWeak
Purgatory Gatling GunEpicWeak
Destroyer GatlingRareWeak
Roaring GatlingExcellentWeak

Flame Shot

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
MoltorS LegendaryIgnite
Burning Flame ShotEpicIgnite
Melting Flame ShotExcellentIgnite
Advanced Flame ShotNormalIgnite


Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
Star SlayerS Star SlayerWound
Terra ShrillS LegendaryWound
Heterocore BazookaEpicWound
Maw BazookaExcellentWound
Advanced BazookaNormalWound

Heavy Sniper Rifle

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
EclipseS LegendaryWound
Elite Heavy SniperRareWound
Veteran Heavy SniperExcellentWound
Experimental Heavy SniperNormalWound

Freeze Gun

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
Icebound Deity
S LegendaryFreeze
Polar Freeze GunEpicFreeze
Chillwave Freeze GunExcellentFreeze
Frigid Freeze GunNormalFreeze

Combo Shotgun

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
HowlerS LegendaryIgnite
Flaming ShotgunEpicIgnite
Rockflame ShotgunRareIgnite
Hammer ShotgunExcellentIgnite
Boom ShotgunNormalIgnite

Boxing Gun

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
Peace SlammerS LegendaryWound
Heavy Boxing GunEpicWound
Fever Boxing GunRareWound
Smashing Boxing GunExcellentWound

Saw Launcher

Weapons Names Weapon RanksDebuff
Khepri’s GloryS LegendaryWeak
Blade Saw LauncherEpicWeak
Fire Saw LauncherRareWeak
Iron Saw LauncherExcellentWeak

So, that’s the information on weapon core recommendations in Metal Slug Awakening. Hopefully, it can serve as a helpful reference.

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