51+ Examples of Disney AI Prompts for Bing Image Creator

What are some examples of Bing Image Creator AI prompt descriptions for creating Disney Pixar poster images? Check out this article for a more complete collection of Bing Image Creator AI prompts, specifically for images like Disney cartoons.

What is Bing Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator, currently named (Copilot Designer), is an AI tool that allows you to create unique images from description text.

In other words, you can type in a description or image idea, and Image Creator will generate an image from the set of prompts.

This feature is powered by DALL-E 3, which is an advanced AI model.

Here are some examples of Disney Pixar Poster descriptions using Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator AI.

Example Prompt: Bing Image Creator Disney AI Poster (Cat Theme)

example results of the bing image creator disney ai microsoft description with a 3d animation animal cat theme

As an example of keywords to create a disney ai poster with a cat theme, you can use the following AI Bing Image Creator description:

Example Prompt Template: Disney pixar poster, “Description” 3d animation

Disney pixar poster, Siamese cats are known for their striking blue almond-shaped eyes, short coat with color points, and vocal personalities, 3d animation

Here are some variations of the cat breed description for the Bing Image Creator AI prompt set that you can use:

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Additional KeywordsTypes of CatsDescription
Disney pixar poster, 3d animation1. SiameseSiamese cats are known for their striking blue almond-shaped eyes, short coat with color points, and vocal personalities.
2. Maine CoonMaine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, known for their tufted ears, luxurious fur, and friendly demeanor.
3. PersianPersian cats are known for their long, luxurious fur, flat faces, and calm, gentle temperament.
4. BengalBengal cats have a distinctive leopard-like appearance, with sleek, spotted coats and a playful, active nature.
5. RagdollRagdolls are large, affectionate cats known for their tendency to go limp when picked up, with striking blue eyes and semi-long fur.
6. Scottish FoldScottish Folds are recognized by their unique folded ears, and they have a sweet, playful disposition.
7. SphynxThe hairless Sphynx cat is known for its wrinkled skin and distinctive appearance, which includes large ears and a lively personality.
8. AbyssinianAbyssinians are agile and active cats with short, ticked coats and a playful, curious nature.
9. Russian BlueRussian Blue cats are easily recognized by their striking bluish-gray coats and their reserved but affectionate personalities.
10. BurmeseBurmese cats are known for their sleek, short coats and lively, affectionate behavior.
11. Norwegian ForestNorwegian Forest cats are large and robust, with long, waterproof fur, tufted ears, and a friendly, gentle disposition.
12. Devon RexDevon Rex cats have curly coats, large ears, and playful, mischievous personalities.
13. ManxManx cats are recognized by their lack of a tail or a short tail, and they have a sweet and adaptable nature.
14. American ShorthairThese cats come in a variety of coat colors and patterns and are known for their friendly and adaptable personalities.
15. HimalayanHimalayan cats are similar in appearance to Persians but have color points like Siamese cats, combining the best of both breeds.
16. Turkish VanTurkish Vans are known for their love of water, with a mostly white coat and color on their head and tail.
17. Exotic ShorthairExotic Shorthairs resemble Persians but have shorter, more manageable fur, and they are known for their gentle temperament.
18. ChartreuxChartreux cats have a distinctive blue-gray coat and are characterized by their calm and quiet demeanor.
19. Cornish RexCornish Rex cats have soft, curly fur and a playful, active personality.
20. American CurlAmerican Curls have distinctive curled ears and friendly, affectionate behavior.
21. Oriental ShorthairOriental Shorthairs are known for their striking and diverse coat colors and patterns, along with their outgoing and vocal personalities.

Example Prompt: Bing Image Creator Disney AI Poster (Family Theme)

example prompt bing image creator disney ai poster family theme


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Disney Pixar movie poster, Create a cute family picture like this with three people: father, mother, and child, Make it 3d animation. The poster has a home background.

You can also modify the description of Disney Pixar Family Theme Poster above with the following keywords.

1A happy family enjoying a picnic in the park, with children playing games and parents sharing smiles.
2Parents and their kids building a treehouse together during a project.
3A joyful family gathering around a table, celebrating a special occasion with a homemade meal.
4A camping trip where a family bonds around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories.
5A family of four on a sunny beach, playing in the surf and making sandcastles.
6A hike through a scenic forest, with a happy family admiring the beauty of nature.
7A family game night, filled with laughter and friendly competition during a cozy evening at home.
8Parents teaching their children to ride bicycles in the neighborhood, capturing the moments of joy and accomplishment.
9A happy family visiting an amusement park, riding roller coasters and indulging in cotton candy.
10A family movie night, with popcorn and blankets on the couch, watching their favorite films.
11Siblings and parents working together to plant a vegetable garden, enjoying the prospect of a bountiful harvest.
12A family participating in a charity run, promoting fitness and bonding while raising funds for a good cause.
13A family of artists creating a collaborative painting, each adding their unique touch to the masterpiece.
14A family exploring a museum, immersing themselves in art and history during an educational outing.
15A weekend getaway in a cozy cabin, where the family unwinds by a fireplace, playing board games and sharing laughter.

Example Prompt: Bing Image Creator Disney AI Poster (Couple Theme)

example prompt bing image creator disney ai poster couple theme


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“Disney pixar poster, a girl with hijab wear glasses and also looking at each other with a 20’s boy who wear black shirt and sitting on the beach, 3d animation”

1A couple embarking on a romantic cruise, watching the sunset over the ocean from the deck of the ship.
2A husband and wife hiking hand in hand through a lush forest, discovering hidden waterfalls during their adventure.
3A young couple exploring a vibrant foreign market, savoring exotic street food and immersing themselves in the local culture.
4A pair of lovebirds enjoying a road trip, stopping at quaint roadside diners and roadside attractions along the way.
5A couple sharing a cozy cabin in the mountains, cuddling by the fireplace on a chilly evening.
6Two artists painting a beautiful landscape together during their retreat, finding inspiration in each other’s company.
7A pair of dancers taking a tango class in a foreign city, falling in love with the rhythm and each other during their exploration.
8A middle-aged couple renewing their vows on a tropical beach during a celebration of their enduring love.
9A newlywed couple exploring historical sites, learning about the past, and envisioning their future together during a cultural expedition.
10A couple taking a hot air balloon ride over a picturesque countryside, sharing breathtaking views and a sense of adventure.
11A couple enjoying a wine tasting tour, savoring the flavors of local vineyards and the joy of each other’s company.
12A married couple taking a cooking class in a foreign country, learning to prepare a new cuisine during their culinary exploration.
13A couple discovering the beauty of a remote desert, stargazing in the quiet of the night during their desert adventure.
14An elderly couple strolling through a charming European village, sharing a lifetime of memories and the excitement of their journey.
15A couple visiting an art gallery, discussing the intricate details of the artwork and finding inspiration for their own creativity during their cultural exploration.

Example Prompt: Bing Image Creator Disney AI Poster (Two People Friendship Theme)

examples prompts of bing image creator disney ai with the theme of two friends


Disney pixar poster features a 2 asian’s man walking while smoking in New York Street at 12 a.m. They wear a suit jacket with a shirt with the buttons slightly open. The surrounding atmosphere looks busy. Make it 3d animation.

Example Prompt: Bing Image Creator Disney AI Poster (City Theme)

example prompt bing image creator disney ai poster city theme
51+ Examples of Disney AI Prompts for Bing Image Creator 9


“Disney pixar poster title “Tokyo” feauters The city of Tokyo is currently experiencing heavy rain, resulting in traffic jams on the city streets at night, illuminated by street lights.”

Example Prompt: Bing Image Creator Disney AI Poster (Job Theme)

hasil contoh deskripsi bing image creator disney ai tema pekerjaan 3d animation
51+ Examples of Disney AI Prompts for Bing Image Creator 10


“Disney Pixar movie poster about “FATHURRAHMAN”. Please, make the poster’s ambience like “Up” movie. The character on the poster is a man who works as a Blogger. The man has black hair and wears glasses, a black backpack, and a leather jacket. The poster has a office background. 3D Animation.”

Disney Pixar Poster 3D Animation Word Sample for Pet Relationship Theme

disney pixar poster 3d animation prompt for pet relationship theme

Disney pixar poster movie said ‘Cing’, a man wearing black hoodie is gazing at a white cat with calm face. 3D animation


Bing Image Creator is a tool that allows us to create images based on the description or keywords we provide.

For example, we can give a prompt in Indonesian such as “a family having a picnic on the beach” or “a couple enjoying the sunset”. Bing Image Creator will then create an image that matches the description.

There are many examples of prompts we can use, ranging from simple descriptions to more complex descriptions.

For example, we can try “Disney Pixar 3D” to get images inspired by Disney and Pixar animated movies.

We can also try prompts with specific themes, such as ‘family’ or ‘couple’. For example, ‘a family playing in the park’ or ‘a couple walking in the city’.

This set of prompts can be an inspiration for us to create unique and interesting images.

So, don’t hesitate to try different keywords and descriptions when using Bing Image Creator.

So, that’s the information about pixar poster description examples using Bing Image Creator AI.

The point is, from the collection of Bing Image Creator prompts above, the more detailed the description, the more AI photo results will match your expectations.

For tips, make sure there is information on the subject, predicate, description of the place / atmosphere. Hopefully it can help as a reference.

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