3+ AI Tools to Summarize Power Point Presentation Slides

What are some AI sites that can summarize PowerPoint slides (PPT)? See the list below for more information.

1. Slidespeech

Slidespeech is a tool that changes text in PowerPoint presentations into spoken words.

It lets you hear a brief overview of your own presentation.

2. SlideSpeak.co

SlideSpeak.co is a website tool that can summarize PowerPoint presentations.

It uses AI and was created by Jerry Liu using Llama Index, and data from ChatGPT.

You can expect similar summarization results because of the tool’s integration of ChatGPT.

After uploading your PowerPoint file, SlideSpeak will promptly respond.

The answers to your questions will be given in a chat format like ChatGPT.

3. Simplified AI Presentation

Simplified is an AI website that simplifies and summarizes PowerPoint presentations.

It automatically helps you find the essential points in a PPT presentation, so you can concentrate on significant information.

That’s all the info about AI websites that summarize PPT. Hopefully, it can assist you as a reference.

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