How to Hide Your Name in the Valorant Game on PC/Laptop

In the game Valorant, we can hide our nickname or real name, so that it does not show up when we are in a match.

When we play Valorant without our party, other people will see your nickname as a generic name or a common name.

When we are matchmaking, and during the process of choosing an agent, our nickname will be changed to the name of the agent that we are using.

For you want to hide their nickname in Valorant, you can follow the tutorial below.

How to Hide Your Name in the Valorant Game

how to hide name in valorant pc

Here’s how to hide your name in the game Valorant:

1. First, launch Valorant on your PC or laptop

2. When you’re in the Valorant game lobby, go to the Settings menu located in the top right corner

3. Select the “Settings” option

4. Next, choose the “General” menu

5. Scroll down to the Privacy section

Activate the options “Hide My Name from Players Outside My Party” and “Use Generic Names for Players Outside My Party” by turning them to “On.”

6. Once you’ve done that, you can try matchmaking directly within the game

By following these steps, you’ll hide your name in Valorant and use generic names when playing with players outside your party.

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